Oh, the often convoluted world of MMA; the fastest rising form of sports entertainment on the planet in the last 15 years.  Mixed Martial Arts—especially within UFC walls—brings the fan a whole lot more than mere fights inside the cage, it brings a complete baggage of situations around the fights and the protagonists.


Alliances, friendships, camaraderie, often in a head-on collision with rivalries, feuds, and friendships boiling over into bitter episodes of back-and-forth smack talk and on-camera hatefulness.


Tito versus Chuck, Tito versus Shamrock, Tito versus Dana, all those some of the most entertaining grudges ever held inside the UFC, but there’s a feud now that is eclipsing every other rivalry that ever existed in MMA or UFC.


Former friends becoming momentary enemies and now in the brink of war.  Former UFC light heavyweight champion, “Suga” Rashad Evans, faces the reigning 205 king, Jon “Bones” Jones at UFC 145 in Atlanta, Georgia.


Once thought brothers and at one moment the faces of Jackson’s MMA, Jones and Evans now set the stage for the most anticipated grudge match ever seen in UFC history.


If you would’ve asked any MMA expert or media person in mid-2010 if Jones could or should face Evans, they would’ve absolutely dismissed the possibility in a contemptuous, sarcastic tone.


Let’s do a little breakdown of the timeline to the Jones-Evans drama year by year since Jones joined Jackson’s MMA. Now scroll back up to the article headline and hit the NEXT button to continue reading and viewing our slideshow.