“Korean Zombie would be an awesome fight!”—Mark Hominick via Twitter May 6, 2011

“People have been asking about Korean Zombie. It would be a great fight and would love to do it if it was offered.”—Mark Hominick via Twitter May 7, 2011

[Goose bumps]

In front of his home crowd last weekend at UFC 129 in Toronto, Ontario, Mark “the Machine” Hominick managed to “wow” over 55,000 fans who were all live in attendance at the Rogers Centre, by nearly defeating current UFC Featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo, in what was an intense back-and-fourth battle between two amazing warriors.

Despite the fact that Hominick sustained a massive hematoma (imagine a huge bump on his head about the size of your fist) that nearly ended the bout prematurely, the ringside doctor did a fantastic job in ensuring the safety of Hominick, and by doing so, allowing the action to continue.

And continue it did.

Fireworks exploded as Hominick battled Aldo into the deep waters of the championship rounds, winning the stand-up war throughout most of the fight, particularly in the fifth and final round. Give credit to Aldo however, for doing an excellent job in taking this fight down to the mat and controlling Hominick from the top position throughout most of the earlier rounds.

This was a battle that many experts had predicted would become the “Fight of the Night,” and without question, it didn’t disappoint.

And speaking of “Fight of the Night,” guess who else had previously won that honour (not to mention, “Fight of the Year”)?

You guessed it...the “Korean Zombie,” Jung Chan-Sung.

In fact, quite recently, Chan-Sung also managed to pick up the honour of “Submission of the Night” by defeating Leonard Garcia (re-match from their “Fight of the Year”) by using a twister (spinal lock) submission in his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs Davis, back in March of this year.

Very impressive!

Both Hominick and Chan-Sung bring incredibly entertaining and exciting styles of fighting into the Octagon, and the thought of this potential match-up has me considerably more excited than just about any other fight that the UFC currently has scheduled on the horizon.

Now, obviously Hominick loves the idea of this fight, and I’m pretty sure that all of the fans would love to see it as well, but I can’t help but to wonder just how the “Korean Zombie” would feel about taking on the “Machine?”

“I want Mark Hominick.”—Jung Chan-Sung via Twitter

There you go, fight fans.

I’m not one to beg, but please, please, please Dana White...make this fight happen as soon as possible!

Thank you.



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