Yes, it is that time of the year when Anderson “The Spider” Silva—the man sitting at the very top of the pound-for-pound MMA ranking—takes the Octagon and again we ask, what will he do now?


This is no ordinary appearance for Silva as UFC Rio marks the return of the UFC to its land of origin, Brazil.  Yes, of course the UFC was born in the U.S. but it was the Gracie’s doing, so it’s fair to say that the essence of MMA was created in Brazil.


In what is probably the event of the year for Zuffa/UFC,  “The Spider” leads a card packed with other Brazilian powerhouses like Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.


This series of articles started a while back, a bit before UFC 117 to be more exact, and will continue to happen before or after every Anderson Silva fight until his reign comes to a halt.


So far, that possibility was almost made real by a man some have come to hate, others are totally amused by his antics, The Chael Sonnen.


You all know how that went, let’s not waste precious reading time going over old history.  Long story short, Chael talked a lot of smack, almost made good on his word, Silva submitted him out of the blue (not a real surprise though), then Silva confirmed he actually went in with a broken rib, then went on to Steven Seagal-front kick Vitor Belfort at UFC 128.


Until just a couple days ago, Anderson Silva was tied for most nightly bonus inside UFC with now retired welterweight Chris Lytle at eight bonuses a piece.  Of course, Chris Lytle took care of that in his farewell fight against Dan Hardy, taking home both fight of the night and submission of the night bonuses.


Still, Silva holds multiple records within the UFC, including most title defenses.  Next in line to try and put a stop to that run is Japanese middleweight, Yushin Okami, the last man to defeat Silva.


Well, in all fairness, let’s rephrase and say the last man to score a win against Silva, since he didn’t properly defeat “The Spider.”  Okami got a win via disqualification after Silva up-kicked him in the face while Okami’s knees where on the ground.  Also fair to say, Okami wasn’t really doing very good in that fight.


Yushin Okami has been training hard for this fight, so hard that he is training with Anderson Silva’s MMA nemesis, the man I’ve come to call Chael “Iron Mouth” Sonnen.


After the beating Sonnen put on Silva at UFC 117, it would only make sense that Okami would want to train with him, but remember, we are talking about MMA’s pound-for-pound most unpredictable fighter, how much of training will Sonnen will prepare Okami if Silva sinks another triangle or an armbar.  Is Chael Sonnen they guy you want to learn submission escapes from?


A lot of fans that comment on our media outlets think this fight will never go to the ground, that Okami will try and hold his ground and stand against Silva.  Okami certainly has the physical strength to take the punishment if Silva unleashes on him like he did on Franklin or Leben for example.  But does Okamia has the stand up game to counter and give Silva a run for his money?


As we expect yet another exhibition (minus the Demian Maia fight) from Anderson Silva this next Saturday at UFC Rio in Brazil, how do you see this fight going?  What’s your prediction?


Which Anderson Silva will take the Octagon come fight night?  The one who obliterates opponents left and right with kicks punches and knees or the one that showboats and dances around? Will we see Anderson Silva defeated for the first time in the UFC?


Our prediction is Anderson Silva extends his reign defeating Yushin Okami by TKO in the third round.


Last but not least, to our friend Ed Soares, we hope you make good on your promise and have Will Ribeiro sitting cage side and remember, the doors at The MMA Truth are always open for you to tell your story.


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comment and predictions.


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