ClickMMA sat down with resident UFC/Bamma/Cagewarriors/Ommac referee Marc Goddard. A former Mixed Martial Arts fighter who finished fighting back in 2008 with a record of 7 wins 6 losses and 1 draw. Marc gives you a insight into his current lifestyle and how he can make you the next MMA referee! Here you go...

ClickMMA: Hi Marc, how are you?
Marc: I'm good thankyou!

ClickMMA: Have you been busy? If so doing what?
Marc: Yep still busy, a lot of traveling this year with UFC in Australia, then back to the Middle East for ADFC. Cagewarriors with a great event in Jordan, Middle East again. Ireland then back to Middle East with Cagewarriors again – Brazil in august, as well as the leading UK shows Bamma, Cagewarriors, Ommac, etc and some great new promotions in Fusion, Valley of Kings etc . My MMA referee and judge seminars are back on the road again, training, training others – it does not stop lol, but I would not have it any other way!

ClickMMA: Wow, a man in heavy demand. Ok who do you consider to be the top referee in the business?
Marc: (Laughs) can I say …..? hahaha! Look – all of my peers have my respect, I mean we each know what it takes and what each other goes through and puts on the line. At the top of the tree the pressure is immense as you are dealing with careers and livelihoods and all the guys there with me – Herb, Big Dan, Josh, Mario, Yves, Leon we are there for a reason right? It’s very satisfying and flattering that I am taken across the world to be trusted to carry out my job, and others too. I have some great colleagues in the UK I get to work with too and I like to bring them through and help with development of the sport and its image as a whole.

ClickMMA: Do you think its important for a referee to have a background in competing in order to do a good job?
Marc: Almost certainly yes – to what degree is open for interpretation. Background as in competing? Teaching? Training? It all helps and a thorough and full understanding of your chosen subject is vital, regardless of industry!

ClickMMA: 2008 was the year you last fought, do you consider refereeing to be your future?
Marc: Of course, look I had my time, some great times and some not so great times, I think I was a little too early (Laughs)! I enjoyed my time in MMA and grappling and would not swap for anything as it made me who I am, I get so much from teaching others and watching them achieve – that is very fulfilling. Refereeing is where I have set out my stall and with the opportunities granted to me in the last few years I feel very blessed, fully deserving and truly thankful , but blessed none the less.

ClickMMA: Why did you become a referee? 
Marc: It was accident really years ago I was due to fight on a show, got injured and was asked to referee. The rest as they say is history! To say I took the task in hand is true!

ClickMMA: Whats the best fight you have ever refereed?
Marc: So so many, it would be unfair to single out. As I say I have been blessed to have travelled the world with this sport and witnessed some truly memorable moments and fights – too many to mention! For personal reasons the 1st main event I was granted at UFC 105 will always be truly memorable and for pure buzz, tension and an unbelievable atmosphere would be the Tom Watson v Alex Reid fight, that was just insane.

ClickMMA: Considering you have the best seat in the house when refereeing a fight, do you enjoy watching the fight as you would back home or is it totally professional?
Marc: (Laughs) I can’t “watch” the fight, so to speak, when I referee, honestly it really is different it’s like something is happening and unfolding a couple of feet in front of you but you are concentrating and watching for each and every single move that it goes beyond watching as if I was a spectator. Enjoying my role and responsibility then sure, but I tend to take that in after the event as during it is professional mode on.

ClickMMA: What fights/card are you looking forward to?
Marc: As a fan of the sport first and foremost I look forward to many fights and cards and if I am not working like nothing more than anyone else as fan than to sit down and enjoy the action with a few beers.

ClickMMA: Do you believe in referee's having head cameras like they used to in Pride? 
Marc: No definitely not (Laughs)! It would be far too distracting for me to feel it round my head and the back pack, not for me and I don’t really feel or see the need for them to be honest.

ClickMMA: Thank you for chatting with us. We hope you continue to do a great job!
Marc: Thankyou, no problem.

What a great guy. 

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