Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, winner of nine of his ten fights and undefeated inside the UFC.  A wrestler with a knack for the rear naked choke and who has most of his wins by submission.





How many times has a fighter climbed to the number one contender spot without using any form of smack talking, cocky attitude, or bashing his next opponent in every interview possible?  Very few I would dare say, if we have ever seen it.


A hard worker by nature, a fighter at heart, “Mighty Mouse” doesn’t miss out on the simple things in life.  From paint-balling to swimming and running track, Johnson balances his fighting life with his own personal universe.


Juggling fighting duties with being a Godfather and a significant other in someone’s life is no easy task, a lot of people drop at least one ball in that equation, but “Mighty Mouse” seems to keep it all in balance by “keeping it humble, even though he is ready for war,” like someone very close to him told us.


A lot of people also seem to think Johnson is a bit small for the bantamweight class, the same people who cheer and demand the UFC opens a flyweight division.  But if non-believers needed proof, Johnson dominated Miguel Angel Torres in a very hard fought grind-out that turned to be a grappling exhibition more than anything else.


Torres being a former WEC champion and one of the best bantamweights in the world, was Demetrious Johnson’s toughest challenge to date, until he got the call from the UFC brass uttering the ultimate words—“you are next in line for a shot at the belt.”


“Sweet, this is going to happen, I will get my chance to prove I belong in this weight class,” said Johnson when asked about his reaction to getting the next title shot for the divisional belt.


“It’s going to be a long, grueling fight.  Dominick Cruz is a very well-rounded fighter, he has a lot of strengths.  Compared to Miguel Angel Torres, I think Cruz is the most well-rounded between them although Torres is more dangerous.  He has more finishes than Cruz.


This will be a fantastic fight, something the fans want to see, and I think it might go down as the best fight in bantamweight history.”


Johnson firmly believes his speed will create problems for Cruz in this fight but knows his opponent will be very well prepared for this upcoming fight.  


“I’m fast, I create a lot of problems for an opponent with my speed.  I know he’s going to come very well prepared but I also think that my speed and me being shorter than him will play to my advantage.”


There is no doubt Cruz Vs. Johnson will be a super high-paced fight and we couldn’t agree more with “Mighty Mouse” when he says it will probably one of the best fights in the UFC bantamweight division history.


Watch out MMA fans, the lighter weights are coming on strong to take center stage at the biggest MMA show in the world.  Will we ever see the 125ers in the Octagon?


To Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, we wish you and all your family and training partners, the best in life and in your MMA career from all your friend and MMA fans in Puerto Rico and The MMA Truth.


We celebrate this interview because it is our first ever interview for a UFC title championship fight.  Thanks D.J.


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