Cain Velasquez retains the UFC heavyweight belt with a quick disposal of Antonio "Big Foot" Silva after a quick one-two combo and some ground and pound early in the first round.


Junior Dos Santos dominated Mark Hunt for three rounds and a very exciting fight but finished the "Super Samoan" with only seconds to go in the third round via spinning back kick to the head.


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Facebook Prelims

Jeremy Stephens (146) vs. Estevan Payan (145)

Round 1- Very good exchanges but Stephens with the upper hand, Payan is already a bloody mess after a nasty elbow from Stephens. 10-9 Stephens.

Round 2- Stephens controlling the top and raining down on Payan who's truly a bloody mess.  Late in the round, Stephens takes Payan's back and threatens with a series of submissions.  Payan is losing a great deal of blood.  20-18 Stephens

Round 3 - Not much difference in the third, Stephens controls the clinch, gets a takedown and controls the top.  Can't even understand why the ref would not stop the fight with the ammount of blood Payan has lost.  30-27 Stepehens in a very successful fratherweight debut

Official decision - Jeremy Stephens defeats Estevan Payan by unanimous decision


Brian Bowles (135) vs. George Roop (135)

Round 1 - Roop very active landing combos, but a minute and a half in, Bowles wobbles him with a right.  Roop composes and controls most of the action, until Bowles knocked him down with a big right and almost puts him to sleep with a guillotine.  10-9 Bowles

Round 2 - Roop stuns Bowles with a stiff jab coming in and sends him to the mat.  Roop swarms and gets the stoppage.

Official decision -  George Roop defeats Brian Bowles by TKO in the second round


Stephen Thompson (170) vs. Nah-Shon Burrell (171)

Round 1 - Thompson with the stick and move but impresses with powerful takedowns.  After a takedown, Thompson takes Burrell's back, who stands up with Thompson on his back like a backpack. 10-9 Thompson

Round 2 - Thompson picking Burrell appart with the stick and move and flashy takedowns under Burrell's left hook.  20-18 Thompson

Round 3 - Burrell picks up the slack a bit in the third but Thompson has good moments with his combos and kicks, and a takedown.  I got it 29-28 Thompson

Official decision - Stephen Thompson defeats Na-Shon Burrell by unanimous decision


FX Prelims

Khabib Nurmagomedov (158.5) vs. Abel Trujillo (155)

Round 1 - Trujillo starts the round jumping back and forth, closing in on Nurmagomedov, shoots for a double and gets a takedown, but from then on it was all Nurmagomedov.  Nasty guard from the Russian, who then went on to rag-doll Trujillo at will with takedowns and half suplexes.  Nurmagomedov ends the round with a tight triangle choke but the round is over. 10-9 Nurmagomedov

Round 2 - Once again, all Nurmagomedov pulling a GSP on Abel Trujillo, Sambo style. Once they clinch, Nurmagomedov ragdolls Trujillo around with ease.  20-18 Nurmagomedov

Round 3 - Copy-paste round 2.  Nurmagomedov with the double underhook and throwing a frustrated Trujillo around like a grappling dummy.

Official decision - Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Able Trujillo via unanimous decision


Colton Smith (170) vs. Robert Whittaker (171)

Round 1 - Really odd stance by Whittaker with his left hand completely down, Smith on the stick and move.  Although Whittaker is landing a good jab, Smith is combining in and out and staying active. Whittaker has stopped every takedown attempt by Smith.  With 30 seconds to go, Whittaker goes down after a right by Smith, Smith jumps in but round is over.  10-9 Smith

Round 2 - Whittaker connects right out of the gate but Smith is coming forward strong looking to regain momentum.  Whittaker is combining on the counter, Smith looking for takedowns too.  Low blow by Smith and the ref stops the action momentarily. With under a minute to go, Whittaker hurts Smith with a right and Smith is bloodied up. 19-19

Round 3 - 30 seconds in, Smith storms in waving punches and Whittaker clocks him.  Smith goes down, Whittaker storms, ref jumps in and stops it.  You could argue the stoppage was premature.

Official decision - Robert Whittaker defeats Colton Smith via TKO in the third round


Dennis Bermudez (146) vs. Max Holloway (145)

Round 1 - Size up round for Bermudez and Holloway, with Bermudez missing a few takedowns and Holloway landing the jab.  Holloway lands a spinning back kick that hurts Bermudez a bit and lands a few other to end the round.  10-9 Holloway

Round 2 - Scramble and Holloway almost ends up taking Bermudez's back.  Holloway's reach is presenting a situation for Bermudez who can't seem to get an offence mounted.  Bermudez finally gets a takedown but might not be enough to have stolen the round.  20-18 Holloway

Round 3 - Bermudez finally gets some damage done after a takedown, opening Holloway up with ground and pound but it shouldn't be enough.  Second round was closer but I got it 29-28 Holloway, but you know them judges!

Official decision - Dennis Bermudez defeats Max Hollowa by split decision


Mike Pyle (170) vs. Rick Story (169)

Round 1 - Story starts out with combos to the head and the body in the clinch, they go to the ground and Pyle threatens with an armbar, no cigar.  A minute to go and Story lands a HUGE right that knocks Pyle down cold, ground and pound but Story can't finish Pyle.  Great recovery from Pyle to control Story's posture and stop the attack. 10-8 Story

Round 2 - Story gets a takedown and it's Pyle who ends up pulling guard and fighting for a Kimura on Story's right arm.  Story defends well and is out of danger after a scare.  Story on top not doing damage, only holding Pyle down.  Although Story was on top, he never passed Pyle's guard and Pyle controlled his posture.  I got it 19-18 Story.

Round 3 - Pyle with the standing elbows and Story is cut.  Story clinches and is holding Pyle onto the fence with no action.  Pyle escapes and is has Story bloodied up with Muay Thai knees but Story explodes with a double when in danger and gets a takedown.  Pyle goes for an armbar, loses position and takes Story's back.  Round over.  If the judges scored the first round a 10-8, and gave Pyle the last two, we have a tie.

Official decision - Mike Pyle defeats Rick Story by split decision


Main Card

Donald Cerrone (155) vs. K.J. Noons (156)

Round 1 - Noons starts out with leg kicks off the back, Cerrone pushes forward for a takedown and lands a knee when pulling away.  Noons already with a slight cut in the corner of his right eye but landing good leg kicks, Cerrone presses with the jab.  Cerrone with a flash takedown, Noons springs back up and eats a hand in the process.  Cerrone with a 1-2 high kick combo towards the end and Noons is bleeding.  10-9 Cerrone

Round 2 - Cerrone with a takedown, they scramble, Noons back up.  Cowboy going for more takedown attempts but Noons stuffing.  Right hand b Noons backs up Cerrone, Cerrone moves back in, Muay Thai plum and lands a knee.  Noons keeps whiping his right eye and touching it, I sense broken orbital bone.  Cerrone closing in and Noons is bleeding more, nose is busted up.  Spinning back fist followed by two consecutive flying knee attempts by Noons, Cerrone catches him mid air in the second attempt and gets the takedown.  Half guard and ground and pound for Cerrone.  It's all Cerrone from then on.  20-18 Cerrone

Round 3 - Leg kicks from both and Cerrone with a good knee to the body.  Noons is slowing down.  Comes forward nd lands a good right, then a left, but Cerrone shoots forward and takes him down.  Cerrone with the ground and pound and Noons is a bloody mess.  Cerrone on side control and the fight ends,  I got it 30-27 Cerrone.

Official decision - Donald Cerrone defeats K.J. Noons by unanimous decision


Gray Maynard (156) vs. T.J. Grant (155)

Round 1 - Grant and Maynard start out echanging and Grant is urging Maynard to come at him.  Grant with a good right hand and knocks Maynard down, swamrs and Maynard is in deep trouble. It is all over!  T.J. Grant! Your New Lightweight #1 Contender!

Official decision - TJ Grant defeats Gray Maynard by TKO


Glover Teixeira (205) vs. James Te-Huna (206)

Round 1 - They go right at it, Glover goes for a single but no cigar, lands a good right but Te-Huna is not backing down.  Upper from Te-Huna graces Teixeira's face.  Teixeira with the takedown, takes half guard but Te-Huna controlling posture well.  Te-Huna recovers full guard and is tying Teixeira up well.  Teixeira looking to pass the guard but Te-Huna is back on his feet.  Teixeira drops for a guillotine and it's over!

Glover Teixeira submits James Te-Huna via guillotine choke in the first round.

Mike Tyson in the Octagon celebrating with Teixeira.

Junior dos Santos (239) vs. Mark Hunt (264)

Round 1 - Leg kick from Hunt sends a message to JDS.  Dos Santos respondos with a big right cross that barely misses Hunt's head.  Hunt is catching Junior coming in with his left hook.  Hunt showing no respect, Junior lands a huge overhand right, Hunt goes down, springs back up and looks like nothing happened, but it did.   Hunt launches forward, Dos Santos swings out of the way.  That right hand Dos Santos landed earlier would've sent anyone to sleep.  Goes again for the overhand right but misses.  Hunt is on the hunt, pressing forward, Dos Santos cut in his right eye.  Hunt goes for a spinning back fist, Junior is waiting with a left hook.  Overhand right and a left hook for JDS and the round is over. 10-9 Dos Santos.

Round 2 - Hunt launches in with a nasty right hand that misses.  Hunt swinging wild.  Dos Santos on the move.  Good left hook from Hunt and he seems to be timing JDS.  Hunt goes to the body.  Another overhand right by Junior followed by a stiff jab.  Junior finding a home for that jab and when Hunt swings wild, he side steps and moves away.  Spinning back kick to the body by Junior.  Junior gets tagged and they exchange wildly, Junior moves away, comes back in and gets a takedown.  Crowd not pleased.  Junior in Hunt's half guard.  Junior on side control and is looking for the mounted crucifix but Hunt escapes.  Round is over.  29-18 Dos Santos.

Round 3 - Hunt is swinging away but Dos Santos is nowhere to be found.  They trade left hooks.  Big left hook from Hunt makes JDS get on his bike.  Junior's reach seems to be too much for Hunt who can't get near enough to land significant blows.  Left kick to the body by Hunt.  Hunt is trying to take Junior's head off when he swings but can't find his target, HUGE left hook from JDS staggers Hunt.  JDS throws a sloppy spinning head kick, clips Hunt's head and with only seconds left, the ref stops the fight...

Junior Dos Santos defeats Mark Hunt by TKO

Without a doubt, fight of the night!


Cain Velasquez (240) vs. Antonio Silva (263)

Round 1 - Cain shoots in for a single and Silva escapes pulling his leg out.  Velasquez pushing forward, Silva tentative.  Cain knocks Silva down with a right, jumps on him, ground and pound from the back... and, yes... It's over...

Cain Velasquez defends the UFC Heavyweight Belt.


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