Jon Jones remains the UFC light heavyweight after stopping Chael Sonnen with only 20 seconds to go in the first.  Bisping bests Alan Belcher in a boring fight.  Roy Nelson knocks Cheick Congo out a la Keith Hackney vs. Emmanuelle Yardborough at UFC 3.  Sarah McMann Plows through Sheila Gaff, and Pat Healy and Jim Miller put on a kickass show for the fans.


Two poked eyes, one dislocated thumb, and a horribly broken foot was what left of UFC 159.  Freaky injuries, bad stoppages, a crowd booing constantly, and a couple of greusome images.  All of that peppered with hilarious faux pas from Mike Goldgber and Bruce Buffer.  Thank God for Miller vs. Healy!


UFC 159 had big shoes to fill after the card that was UFC on FOX: Henderson Vs. Melendez last week.  Here are the full results.


Facebook Prelims


Steven Siler vs. Kurt Holobaugh

Round 1 - High pace starting off the round, both men swinging and combining hands and kicks.  Siler dominates with a tight Thai plum and gets a takedown near minute 3.  Siler takes Holobaugh's back and is raining down hands.  Siler rides Holobaugh's back as he gets on his feet trying to buck Siler off.  Holobaugh is bloody with under a minute.  Body triangle leads to a tight rear naked choke but Holobaugh lives through it. 10-9 Siler


Round 2 - Holobaugh starts off aggressive, takes the center of the cage and attacks with a guillotine, Siler escapes.  Under 4 minutes and Siler pulls guard and immediately sweeps Holobaugh off the top.  Holobaugh catches Siler with a good hand who dives for a leg, Holobaugh threatens with a Darce choke but Siler is out.  Upkicks from Siler from the ground but Holobaugh lands huge hands from the top.  Siler pulls rubber guard to control Holobaugh. Siler with a very high guard controlling Holobaugh. Under two minutes, Siler with a bloody nose.  Holobaugh with good elbows from the top.  In the last minute they stand toe to toe and trade like one stole the other one's girlfriend.  Round ends with Siler going for a failed single.  19-19


Round 3 - Good exchange to start the third and they clinch.  Siler clinching and Holobaugh with the dirty boxing.  Siler turns Holobaugh against the cage, Holobaugh switches him back.  Slower action.  Halfway round and they trade hands, Siler takes Holobaugh down and mounts him, Holobaugh gives up his back.  Minute number 2 and Siler riding Holobaugh's back with a body triangle and keeps thretening with a rear naked choke but not cigar.  Round ends with Siler riding Holobaugh like a backpack.  Should be 29-28 Siler

Official decision - Steven Siler defeats Kurt Holobaugh via unanimous decision (29-28 on all cards)


Leonard Garcia vs. Cody McKenzie

Round 1 - No touch of gloves, McKenzie shoots and takes Leonard down in under 15 seconds.  Just so you know, McKenzie is wearing the weirdest shorts I have seen.  McKenzie has Garcia's back who defends well.  Body triangle by McKenzie with under 4 minutes.  Leonard defends from a rear naked choke attempt.  McKenzie threatening constantly with chokes but Garcia defends, tries to stand up but McKenzie is "Fitching" him.  Under 2 minutes, and Garcia can't shake McKenzie off, Trying to turn into McKenzie, Garcia is almost caught in an arm triangle.  1 minute to go and now Garcia has McKenzie in his guard.  McKenzie passes guard and is raining down shots, Mckenzie threatens with his guillotine but Garcia defends, McKenzie switches to a triangle attempt and the round is over.  10-9 McKenzie


Round 2 - McKenzie shoots but Garcia stuffs the takedown.  Cody shoots gain, Garcia defends but gives up position and McKenzie ends up on top.  Under 4 minutes, Garcia on the ground and McKenzie looking to pass guard.  Garcia steps over McKenzie's single let attempt and we are back to center cage.  Garcia swinging and looks tired already.  Under 3 minutes.  McKenzie forces Garcia onto the ground and has his back.  Body triangle by McKenzie and is collating hands from the back.  Under 2 minutes and Garcia unable to shake McKenzie off his backpack.  Under 1 minute and Garcia has no answer for McKenzie's back riding skills.  20-18 McKenzie


Round 3 - Garcias starts out swinging and lands good hands, McKenzie shoots and makes Garcia run to avoid a takedown.  McKenzie goes for high kicks and is trading with Leonard.  Cody with the jab and Leonard is pressing forward but has little gas left in the tank.  Under 3 minutes, McKenzie connecting with the jab.  McKenzie with a jab, knee to the mid section and right hand combo.  2 minute mark, Leonard with a kick to the mid section, McKenzie with the jab.  McKenzie is simply out of Garcia's reach.  Under a minute, Garcia is back on the ground and McKenzie in half guard.  It was all Cody McKenzie all three rounds.  30-27


Official decision - Cody McKenzie defeats Leonard Garcia by unanimous decision (29-28 30-27 30-27)


FX Prelims

Johnny Bedford vs. Bryan Caraway

Round 1 - Caraway opens with a big left hook, having taken this fight on real short notice.  Accidental eye poke from Caraway but Bedford can continue.  Both swing but at the end Caraway lands on the counter.  Bedford swining more but missing.  Caraway throws and fakes a shot.  Under 3 minutes and Caraway rushes forward and gets Bedford's back and trips him to the ground.  Hooks in, Bedford on top but his back to Caraway.  Caraway covering Bedford's mouth.  Caraway goes with the body traingle and Bedford escapes and is back on his feet.  Caraway's left finds a home often.  Bedford pushing forward hard but missing.  Under 1 minute, Bedford swings wild but no cigar.  Caraway catches Bedford on the counter, Bedford with a good right hend at the end but is taken down by Caraway.  10-9 Caraway


Round 2 - Caraway finding a home for his left hand, Bedford active but eating leather on the counter.  Rogan comments Caraway's right hand might be hurt.  Under 4 minutes, Bedford attempts a single leg but is not even close to taking it.  Bedford with a good left under minute 3.  Caraway not really pressing and waiting for Bedford to come in and counter.  Caraway's left hand is winning the round.  Caraway with the takedown off the double leg with 2 minutes to go.  Quick guard pass by Caraway but back to half guard.  Bedford unable to escape.  1 minute to go and Caraway controlling the top in Bedford's halfguard.  Caraway gets side control with under 20 seconds to go.  20-18 Caraway


Round 3 - Both men echange in the center of the cage, Bedford with the right, Caraway with the left.  4 to go, they are trading punch by punch, 1-2, 1-2 from both.  Caraway barely misses with a uppercut.  Caraway shoots and gets the takedown but Bedford swtiches the momentum.  Bedford almost catches Caraway with a triangle then an armbar mid round.   Caraway on top again, half guard.  Bedford tries to shrimp out of under Caraway but Bryan is heavy on top.  Under a minute and Caraway controlling the top without risking much but switches to a guillotine and FINISHES BEDFORD IN THE VERY LAST 15 SECONDS.


Official decision - Bryan Caraway finishes Johnny Bedford via guillotine choke in the 3rd round.


Sara McMann vs. Sheila Gaff

Round 1- McMann slings forward like a cheetah and takes Gaff down with a double, lands inside Gaff's guard.  Gaff controlling McMann's posture very well as McMann is unable to unleash her ground and pound.  Under 3 minutes and McMann still on top,  punishes Gaff to the body.  Back on their feet with under 2 minutes but McMann rushes forward only to have Gaff stuff the takedown.  McMann gets a takedown and gets a mounted crucifix.  Fight is stopped with under a minute, McMann by TKO and Gaff was out of her league.


Official decision - Sarah McMann defeats Sheila Gaff via TKO in round 1.


Ovince St. Preux vs. Gian Villante

Round 1 - Villante and St. Preux both open up with kicks, now Villante has OSP pinned to the cage, but OSP pushes him off.  St. Preux swinging with both hands keeping Villante at bay.  3 minute mark and Villante seems tentative and anxious, St. Preux hurts him with a big hand and clinches against the fence. Under 1 minute and both men sizing each other up, OSP goes for a single but Villante stuffs it and lands an elbow on the break.  Hiigh kick for Villante with under 30 to go but misses.  10-9 St. Preux


Round 2 - Villante knocks OSP down with a hard leg kick and OSP comes back with a big kick to the body.  Under 4 and both men check leg kicks.  Villante having a bit of success with the inside leg kick, rushes in for a takedown and threatens with a front head lock.  Mid round, Villante combining inside leg kicks, faking shots and jabbing, St. Preux seems gassed.  Villante on the hunt, leg kicks inside and out.  Left hand by St. Preux countering a leg kick, under a minute.  Villante with the leg kicks.  19-19


Round 3 - OSP pokes Villante's eye, the ref steps in and asks Villante if he can see, Villante waves him off, the ref stops the fight claiming Villante said he can't see.  Crowd and Joe Rogan going ape.


Official decision - Ovince St. Preux defeats Giann Villante via majority technical decision (30-27, 29-29, 29-29)


Rustam Khabilov vs. Yancy Medeiros

Round 1 - Touch of hands and Medeiros off with a weird backhand jab.  Medeiros with a leg kick but eats a right in the process.  Medeiros with a good right.  4 minute mark, Medeiros has the obvious reach advantage.  Khabilov swings hard but misses.  Big swing from Medeiros goes by.  3 minute mark and Khabilov catches a leg kick. takes Medeiros down, takes his back, quick supplex but Medeiros is safe.  Ref stops the fight when he notices Medeiros dislocated his right thumb, weird, weird happening.

Replay shows that when Medeiros when to defend against the first takedown, he broke his thumb.  Medeiros hand swells up the size of a balloon!

Official decision - Rustam Khabilov defeats Yancy Medeiros by TKO due to a dislocated thumb in the first round.



PPV Card

Jim Miller vs. Pat Healy

Round 1 - Center cage and Healy connects first with a good right cross.  Big inside leg kick for Miller right at the 4 minute mark.  They clinch and Miller with a nice trip takes Healy down, full guard for Healy.  Healy threatening from the bottom with armbars and omoplatas.  Under the 3 minute mark, Miller threatens with a kimura lock but Healy escapes.  Under 2 minutes, Healy pushes forward and connects with a right hand and a knee to the body.  1 minute mark and Healy gets a double leg takedown.  Healy poundingon Miller with under 1 to go.  Healy with a spinning supplex on Miller, takes Miller's back but Miller reverses the position.  Miller finishes the round strong and Healy is bloodied up.  10-9 Miller


Round 2 - Pat trips Miller in the clinch and attempts to pass to his back while standing, Miller controls the clinch against the fence, back to center cage.  Leg kicks from Miller and they both are swinging.  Healy with his back to the fence right under the 4 minute mark.  Healy avoids Miller's elbow and gets a takedown, full guard for Miller.  Healy with a few elbows from the top.  Mid way into the round.  Ground and pound from Healy and Miller keeps looking for submissions of his back but is getting punished.  Miller looking to get back on his feet but Healy clinging on, looking for the back.  Healy under the chin, Miller turning towards the choke, Healy mounts, Miller escapes and now is no top, Healy on 4 points.  Miller drops for a guillotine but no cigar.  Round over. 19-19


Round 3 - Round starts with Miller landing a good left hook, the clinch and scramble, back to center cage.  Healy with his back to the cage at the 4 minute mark.  Inside leg kick by Miller and Healy drops for a single.  They clinch and Healy lands a good knee, Healy gets the takedown and is feeding Miller some leather from the top.  Healy with elbows from the half guard with under 3 minutes to go.  Miller with a rubber guard trying to control Healy's posture but Healy heavy on top.  Under 2 minutes, and it's all Healy on top in this round.  Miller on 4 points looking to get back up, Healy threatening the back.  Miller bloodied up, Healy with the rear naked choke, palm to palm and Jim Miller goes to sleep!

Official decision - Pat Healy submits Jim Miller via rear naked choke in the third round.

On a funny note, Bruce Buffer announces Jim Miller as the winner, and Joe Rogan celebrates his first ever "screw up" in the post fight interview with Healy.



Vinny Magalhaes vs. Phil Davis

Round 1 - 2 minutes go by with both men sizing up center cage until Davis graces Vinny's head with a high kick that wobbles him.  Davis on the hunt but Magalhaes gets a takedown and threatens to take his back, but Davis escapes and is back up.  Under a minute, and Magalhaes claims he was poked in the eye but Ref. Dan Miragliotta demands he continues to fight.  Davis connected many times.  10-9 Davis


Round 2 - Vinny rushing forward connect but Davis circles, comes up the middle with a head kick that bearly misses Magalhaes' face.  Davis fakes a hand and takes Vinny down, Magalhaes pulls guard and Davis gets back up unwilling to engage Vinny on the ground.  Near the 3 minute mark good left from Davis, Vinny is bleeding from his nose.  Under 3 minutes and Davis presures Vinny who explodes rushing forward and throwing but missing his target.  Davis finding a home for the jab.  2 minute mark and Davis keeps waling Magalhaes down.  Crowd booing.  Davis catches a leg kick and trips Vinny but won't go to the ground with him.  1 minute mark, Davis starting to show boat a little bit.  Davis is opening up and the jab is winning this for him.  Vinny shoots and they scramble but no cigar for Magalhaes who's nose is busted up.  20-18 Davis


Round 3 - Vinny comes out swinging and his corner urged him to take Davis down.  Vinny with punches and kicks then shoots in for a front head lock but not even close.  4 minute mark, and Davis standing in front of Magalhaes who is not responding.  Magalhaes tries to jump guard but Davis is not even near.  Kick 1-2 for Davis but the crowd is booing.  Nearing the 2 minute mark and not a sign of Magalhaes even thinking of attempting a takedown.  Davis starting to open up and connecting with 1 minute to go.  Vinny shoots from a far fo a single but no way.  Under the 1 minute mark and Magalhaes lands a good body kick.  30 seconds to go and Davis is still walking Magalhaes down and jabbing.  Fight over. 30-27 Davis


Official decision - Phil Davis defeats Vinny Magalhaes by unanimous decision.


Roy Nelson vs. Cheick Kongo

Round 1 - Nelson innitiates contact going in for the clinch and has Congo with his back to the fence.  Congo with a good knee to the mid section off the cage but Nelson pins him back onto the cage.  Double underhooks for Nelson and the ref steps in and resets the fight, Rogan is really disliking the refereeing tonight.  Big right hand by Nelson and CONGO IS OUT!  Replay shows Nelson landed a right hand in the style of Keith Hackney against Emmanuelle Yardbrough at UFC 2.

Official decision - Roy Nelson defeats Cheick Congo via KO in the first round.


Michael Bisping vs. Alan Belcher

Round 1 - Belcher on the south paw stance, goes for a mid section kick off the bat and he might be looking to duplicate Belfort's KO of Bisping.  4 minute mark and Bisping is circling away.  Belcher side kicks to the body, but now Bisping is hunting him down.  1-2 and a leg kick for Belcher, switching stances.  3 minute mark, Bisping going forward but Belcher peppering him on the counters.  Belcher back to the orthodox stance.  2 minute mark, Bisping walking Belcher down but has not landed or connected once until under the 2 minute mark, Belcher answers with a right hand to Bising's temple.  Leg kick checked by Belcher, 1 minute mark, Bisping graces Belcher's face with a left.  Under 1 minute, Bisping with another left and gets poked in the eye, crowd boos.  Leg kick by Bisping, Belcher trips after attempting a kick.  Round over.  10-9 Belcher.


Round 2 - Both men start ou exchanging but no one lands clean.  No takedown attempts so far for Belcher.  Both men attempt a kick at the same time, both almost connect, no cigar.  Bisping starting to open up and finding a home for his 1-2.  3 minute mark, Bisping combining but it doesn't seem like Belcher has any respct for Bisping's power.  Mid way into the round and Bisping with the upper hand, cleaner shot on the counter.  2 minute mark, Bisping scoring with clear combos, 1 minute mark finds both men being booed by the fans, but Bisping is scoring.  Good left from Bisping but Belcher takes it like a big boy.  Belcher shoots but does not follows through, lands a good right hand and another at the end.  Bisping combines. Round is over. 19-19


Round 3 - Belcher comes out swinging for the fences and Bisping catches him coming in on the counter.  Bisping scoring in every exchange.  Under 4 minutes and Bisping keeps peppering Belcher with a hand here and there but not enough to keep the fans from booing.  Belcher with a couple of good kicks to the body but Bisping comes right back with good right hands.  2 minute mark and the crowd is not very entertained by this fight.  Bisping connects, Belcher seems to be slowing down.  Belcher shoots but stuffed easily by Bisping.  Under a minute to go, Bisping with a right hand on a slow  Belcher, disaster strikes, Bisping pokes Belcher in the right eye and there is a lot of blood coming out of  Belcher's eye.  Fight is stopped.  Belcher's right eye was surgically repaired and cost him a long lay off.

Official decision - Michael Bising defeats Alan Belcher by unanimous technical decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).


Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones (UFC Light Heavyweight Champion)

As Jones walks towards the cage, Sonnen is sreaming out at him through the fence, "c'mon, let's go, get in here and fight."

Round 1 - Sonnen rushes in and Jones gets a single and takes Sonnen down, Chael is back up immediately.  Inside the clinch Sonnen lands a few hands, Jones clinches and Sonnen's back against the fence.  Another takedown for Jones and the first elbow lands.  Under 4 minutes.  Chael back up but Jones clinched against him.  Jones going for another single but Chael threatens with a guillotine.  Dirty boxing from both men and Jones takes Sonnen down with a double leg, closed guard for Sonnen.  2 minute mark, Jones with another elbow, Sonnen doing a good job of controlling the posture.  1 minute mark,  Chael escapes but Jones is on top and the fight is stopped... Chael is protesting the stoppage.

At the post fight interview with Joe Rogan, Jon Jones realizes his left foot is broken, big toe broken and exposed through the skin.

Official decision - Jon Jones defeats Chael Sonnen via unanimous decision.


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