Ok, first of all, what the heck are wolf tickets?  Well, never mind, just needed to get that out of my system.  Hardly a peep was heard from both UFC 158 co-main eventers, Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks, while Nick Diaz took possession of the pre-fight press conference yesterday in Montreal, Canada.


The thunder has been stolen from the amazing match up that is Condit-Hendricks due to the back story and the emotionality between St. Pierre and Diaz.  The attention of the media and public alike has focused almost entirely on Nick Diaz's ramblings, his latest no-show at an official pre-fight activity and the reasons behind it, and whether he [Diaz] would show up at the first presser or start some trouble at the weigh ins.


An entire press conference went by and Condit just limited himself to laugh at Diaz's remarks, while at least Hendricks got some air time.  Isn't it a bit morbid to overlook Condit-Hendricks just because all the drama Nick Diaz can cause, and how he seems to have gotten inside the otherwise cool and collected St. Pierre?  I guess it is folks.  Condit-Hendricks has the makings for an epic welterweight bout and is a sure candidate for performance bonuses and sure to make highlight reels.


Condit, the former interim welterweight champ, a veteran of 34 battles with 28 wins and 26 finishes, who's coming off a loss to St. Pierre and poses as the only man to have put the champion in any sort of danger as of late.


Hendricks, 15 bouts, only one loss, has never been finished, and is riding on a five-fights winning streak, three of those over top 10 competition.  How dare you, MMA world, overlook this fight just because Nick Diaz is being Nick Diaz and got St, Pierre to not be St. Pierre, a little bit?


Even after UFC top dog, Dana White, announced that the winner of these two would get number one contender status, the attention was full on on Diaz and his antics.


Even so, I am sure the co-main event at UFC 158 will go down in the books as one of the best welterweight fights in recent UFC history, or will make headlines everywhere with some sort of spectacular highlight-reel finish, maybe even just a controversial call from the judges, who knows.  But when it does, remember one thing, you were all far too busy buying into the bad-boy, don't give a crap attitude from Diaz.  Shame on you!


And for those of you who didn't, who you got?  Condit, or Hendricks?


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