UFC 158 is among us and it's time for reigning champion, Georges St. Pierre, and his newfound nemesis, Nick Diaz, to "walk the walk" in tonight's main event for the UFC welterweight belt.




Nick Diaz succeeded in capturing all the media attention possible with constant rants and ramblings, most of it attacking the figure of the Canadian champ, something that seems to have had some sort of never-before-seen effect on St. Pierre.  Diaz also has succeeded in taking all of the attention away from the co-main event of the evening, a number one contender eliminator bout between former UFC intermin welterweight champ, Carlos Condit, and Johnny Hendricks.


Also in the 170 division, Nate Marquardt is back in the Octagon to face Jake Ellenberger.


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PRELIMINARY CARD (Facebook, 6:35 p.m. ET)


Reuben Duran (135) vs. George Roop (135)

Round 1- Duran threatens Roop with a couple of good right hands and combos, gets a takedown mid round and dominates.  Roop did a good job of controlling Duran's posture and defending from the bottom. 10-9 Roop

Round 2-  Much closer round.  Duran with a takedown early, Roop recovers and get's his back, threatens with RNC's until Duran can escape and get back on his feet.  Another takedown from Duran and controls top until the end of the round. 20-18 Roop

Round 3- Roop rebounds and controls the first half of the round with a tight clinch against the fence and a good couple takedowns.  In the later parts of the round, Duran reverses the clinch on Roop and controls the last minute.  29-28 Roop

Official decision - 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 for George Roop.


TJ Dillashaw (135) vs. Issei Tamura (135)

Round 1- Dillishaw ducks under Tamura's right hand for a quick takedown and controls most of the round in a tight clinch, crowd boos calling for more action.  Tamura escapes late in the round and both exchange blows for a bit.  10-9 Dillishaw

Round 2- Dillishaw opens the round with a high kick that sends Tamura to the mat and finishes him off with ground and pound early in the second.

Official decision - TJ Dillishaw defeats Issei Tamura via TKO in the second.



Quinn Mulhern (168) vs. Rick Story (169)

Round 1- Rick Story storms Mulhern with combos and leg kicks and gets the stoppage late in the first.

Official decision - Rick Story defeats Quinn Mulhern via TKO in the first round.




Daron Cruickshank (155) vs. John Makdessi (155)

Round 1 - Lots of sizing up from both fighters, not a lot of action other than a couple of leg kicks.  Cruishank with the best of them, crowd growing restless.  10-9 Cruishank

Round 2- They start out slow and the crowd starts booing.  Makdessi with a spinning back kick, answered by a wheel kick by Cruishank is enough to send the crowd on a cheering frenzy.  Both men turn it up at the end of the round, close one.  19-19

Round 3- This round was all Makdessi with amazing counters and accurate jabs.  Flashy kicks thrown all around.  Who ever got the second round wins the fight.  I got it 29-28 Makdessi.

Official decision - John Makdessi defeats Daron Cruishank via unanimous decision.


Jordan Mein (170) vs. Dan Miller (171)

Round 1- Fight goes to the ground early in the first and Dan Miller slaps a lightning fast armbar, Mien pulls off a highlight reel escape and gets back on his feet.  Late in the round Mien hurts Miller with a right hand, and after letting Miller get back up, attacks to put the first ever finish in Miller's record.

Official decision - Jordan Mien defeats Dan Miller by TKO in the first.



Antonio Carvalho (145) vs. Darren Elkins (145)

Round 1- Good start and both men with good combos and exchanges.  Elkins hurts Carvalho with a good right hand, Carvalho stumbles, Elkins pursues and knocks down Carvalho who springs right back up (never went down completly, just bent knees), but by the time he was back up (fractions of a second), Ref. Yves Lavigne had stopped the bout sending Joe Rogan into a frenzy calling the stoppage premature.

Official decision - Darren Elkins defeats Antonio Carvalho via TKO in the first.



Patrick Cote (169) vs. Bobby Voelker (169)

Round 1- Cote with the better of the striking department in the first half of the round. Voelker with a quick takedown past mid round and takes top position.  Cote constantly threatening with submissions from the back, elbows and punches.  10-9 Cote

Round 2- Great round, and this fight is in the running for fight of the night.  Cote scoring big with great combos, Voelker lands a good knee to the head that bloodies Cote up.  Great exchanges at the end of the round.  20-18 Cote

Round 3- Bobby Voelker ladies and gentlemen is the star of the third round.  Cote starts out with good combos but Voelker takes the fight to the ground and steels the third with ground and pound and top control. I got it 29-28 Cote

Official decision - Patrick Cote defeats Bobby Voelker vis unanimous decision.


MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET)


Colin Fletcher (155) vs. Mike Ricci (156)

Round 1- Kickboxing exhibition this first round.  Fairly even and very close, with Ricci landing the cleaner shots and exhibiting a more organized plan. 10-9 Ricci

Round 2-  Ricci opens the round with a good highkick and a takedown.  Controls Fletcher on top for a good part of the first half of the round, Fletcher gets back on his feet.  The second half of the round is spent running around and being booed by the fans.  20-18 Ricci

Round 3- Pretty event round on the feet until Ricci got the takedown late in the round and took Fletcher's back, ending with an armbar attempt. I got it 30-27 Ricci

Official decision - Mike Ricci defeats Colin Fletcher by unanimous decision.



Chris Camozzi (185) vs. Nick Ring (183)

Round 1- Ring in and out, side to side, in and out again.  Moving quickly, fast pace but nothing too definitive.  Leg kicks back and forth from both, with Ring edging out the round. 10-9 Ring

Round 2- Much more active round from both fighters, both men are bloodied up (Camozzi in the nose and Ring with a cut under his right eye).  Very close round with good exchanges but Ring might have taken it with the more significant blows. 20-18 Ring

Round 3- Much better round for Camozzi but Ring also connects good hands. I got it 29-28 Ring.

Official decision - Chris Camozzi defeats Nick Ring by split decision.



Jake Ellenberger (170) vs. Nate Marquardt (171)

Round 1- Marquardt starts out with good range and leg kicks, until... Ellenberger lands the big right hand and finishes Marquardt on the ground for the TKO.  That should also be it for Marquardt in UFC.

Official decision - Jake Ellenberger defeats Nate Marquardt by KO in the first.



Carlos Condit (169) vs. Johny Hendricks (171)

Round 1- Condit and Hendricks trying to rip each other's head off!  Hendrick scares with early left hands on Condit who survives, Hendricks gets a double leg and up Condit goes for a slamm takedown.  Condit takes Hendrick's left to the face a few times and ends up taking Hendrick's back.  10-9 Hendricks on damage.

Round 2- Hendricks is 9 for 9 in the takedown department, and no one has survived that many left hands from Hendricks like Condit has.  Hendricks seems to be taking the best of the exchanges and Condit is landing but Hendricks is edging out the round with the takedowns. 20-18 Hendricks

Round 3- Crazy round again and this time Condit let's it all hang out, but still Hendricks with a perfect takedown record.  Much better round for Condit but it looks like it's too little, too late.  If there wasn't a GSP vs. Nick Diaz after this, I'd say FIGHT OF THE NIGHT! I got it 29-28 Hendricks.

Official decision - Johny Hendricks defeats Carlos Condit by unanimous decision.



Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. Nick Diaz (169)

Round 1- The takedown was almost instantaneous.  St. Pierre in Diaz's guard and controlling the top.  Diaz rolls to escape but the champ is on top like white on rice.  Ground and pound from the champ as Diaz is looking for a way out.  Elbows rain from the top, Diaz still unable to escape.  Georges swarms Diaz with the ground and pound and doesn't let up.  Diaz unable to scrape GSP off or even get back on his feet. 10-9 GSP

Round 2- After jabbing around for a few seconds, guess what?  Double leg takedown by GSP.  Top control, ground and pound, and Diaz seems unable to do anything but carry GSP's weight.  GSP with the same knee to the body he landed on Serra the second time around., Diaz covers up.  Elbows and hands raining on the challenger.  It's a wrestling clinic from GSP.  Finally Diaz is back on his feet with less than a minute left but eats a superman jab.  Spinning back kick from Diaz that is not even near to landing.  Round is over and the ref has to hold Diaz because he wants to intimidate GSP in between rounds. 20-18 GSP

Round 3- Another takedown under the first minute for GSP.  High kick and a jab from the champ. Nick Diaz is smiling, with a busted up face.  Diaz trying to cover from GSP's jab but it's finding a home.  Diaz has stoped three separate takedown attempts and Diaz is now pushing forward, both men connecting, but GSP ends the round with another takedown, and back to top control. The champ is cut over the nose. Diaz once again, swings for GSP after the bell, referee issues a warning. 30-27 GSP

Round 4- Much better round for Diaz who's able to stuff a few takedowns, both men exchanging and bloody.  GSP on the hunt and landing the jab at will but trading a lot with Diaz.  A bit after the middle of the round, GSP gets a takedown and is back to top control.  Supplex by GSP with 1 minute to go and maintains control of the top but Diaz is back up.  Diaz going for a kimura but GSP too much in control of the top.  Much better round for Diaz but GSP takes it. 40-36 GSP

Round 5- Superman jab my GSP lands, Diaz clinches, both men exchange knees from the clinch.  Diaz attempts a very high kick and loses balance, GSP ends up on top.  Diaz going for a kimura but can't get the sweep or position to threaten.  GSP heavy on top and getting the best of the scrambles but Diaz is back with under 2 minutes to go.  They clinch for a bit over a minute but GSP rushes forward and gets another takedown with 30 seconds to go.  A total of 8 takedowns for GSP and this fight is over... Nick Diaz raises GSP's hand!  50-45 GSP

Official decision - Georges St. Pierre shuts out Nick Diaz 50-45 on all cards.


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