Remember the first time you watch Royce Gracie choke someone out with his own Gi, or the first armbar submission? Impressive, right?  Being the young sport MMA is, its recent history is filled with first-time moments that fuel our passion for the sport, and for UFC.


The Silva-Sonnen feud is filled with first-time moments too.  The first time a fighter lashed out not only against his opponent and management, but against a whole country.  The first time we ever saw Anderson Silva in trouble, the first time anyone had ever beat him up inside the UFC Octagon, and the first time we had ever experienced the middleweight champion having to dig deep to regain what seemed to be an already lost fight.


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Since then, the Silva-Sonnen feud has combusted into a media-crazed circus, particularly because of Sonnen’s constant and relentless verbal assault on Silva.  Anderson on the other hand, has always remained subtle and polite, even when sitting in a press conference table in Brazil, while Sonnen interrupted his speech by snoring.  That, until the conference call with the press last Monday, June 25.


In that conference called we witnessed the effects of Chael Sonnen’s onslaught on Anderson Silva and everyone around him.


Anderson Silva says:

Chael is a criminal. He's been convicted of crimes. He doesn't deserve to be in the Octagon. When the time is right, I'm going to break his face and break every one of his teeth in his mouth.”

“I don't live in the past. The things in the past are in museums. Playtime is over. I'm gonna beat Chael like he's never been beat before. There's no more talking. I'm going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He's never gonna want to fight again after I'm done with him.”


“It doesn't matter if I'm on bottom, side or top. It doesn't matter. What I'm going to do to Chael will change the image of the sport. Chael Sonnen is going to get his ass kicked like never before. I'm going to beat his ass like never before. I'm going to break all his teeth, his arms, his legs. Chael Sonnen will not be able to walk out of the Octagon. I know he's listening, the game is over. No more shit-talking. It's on now.”


I'm just gonna make him pay and make him eat everything he said not only about myself but about my country. I'm going to make him regret disrespecting any fighter. I'm going to beat him like his parents should have beat him to teach him manners because he's disrespectful. I'm not playing anymore.”


In the first time we fought, he stepped out the loser and he's going to step out this time too. The only difference this time is he's going to need a plastic surgeon after this fight.”


Big words for such a soft-spoken man, right?  All that before the communication was cut off (or Anderson simply said what he had to say and hung up his end of the line).


Even Dana White was impressed by Silva’s reaction and had the following to say: “There were bad words between Rampage and Rashad but what makes this one crazy is I've promoted every Anderson Silva fight in history and he usually doesn't get fired up like this. He's usually very respectful. He never talks like this.”


There is no room for doubts my friends, Chael Sonnen is doomed. But, wait, if you thought the reason why Sonnen is doomed is because Anderson Silva has had it with his smack-talking ways, you are far from the truth.


There is a greater danger lurking and stalking the outspoken middleweight, the shadow of Shihan Steven Seagal.  You think it’s funny?  Well, think again.  Last week Seagal stepped into The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani via telephone and dropped a few lines that would make anyone about to face Anderson Silva next think it over twice.


"I have (trained with Anderson Silva for this camp). I gave him some stuff that I consider to be very special, and I think it is also stuff that I don't think most people will be expecting,” Seagal told Helwani.


Seagal also went on to say: "One never knows what a fighter is going to do until he gets out there. When he fought... Vitor Belfort, I was with him until seconds before he went out. That was exactly what I asked him to do and to a ‘T,' it was just perfect. Sometimes they do it, what you suggested and what you taught. Sometimes they go on their own, because he has an amazing plethora of different techniques, they're very effective."


There it is my friends.  Who in the sane mind can give Chael Sonnen even a slight chance against Silva in their rematch knowing this bit of information?  Who dare put their money against Anderson knowing Steven Seagal sent him on a mission?  I fear for Chael Sonnen’s safety, as much as I fear for Seagal’s name on the Internet as trolls keep stumbling upon sound bites like these.


One thing is for sure, Chael Sonnen is doomed, the eyes of the world will be on him the night of July 7, and so will the eyes of a very upset Anderson “The Spider” Silva.


Do you think Sonnen can finish what he started back in UFC 117?  Or will Anderson Silva make good on his promise of riding the UFC of Sonnen?  Will we get to see that very special technique Seagal promised? 


Yes, I know, I can’t wait for UFC 148 either.  Thanks for reading. 


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