Kenny Florian, a undeniable fan favorite.  One of those characters in MMA that really moves the masses.  Be it for his easy going and humble personality, his work ethics and how polite and correct he is when he addresses the public and media, or be it because he has given his all inside the Octagon, fans simply adore Kenny.





Kenny faces probably the toughest challenge in his MMA career to date.  Not because he is facing a man who has only one career loss and right now seems to be unbeatable in Jose Aldo, this will be Kenny’s fifth opportunity at a UFC title or title contention.


A loss to Diego Sanchez for the Ultimate Fighter title, a loss to Sean Sherk for the at-the-moment vacant UFC lightweight belt, a loss to BJ Penn for the same belt after calling Penn out and claiming he [Florian] “wanted BJ’s belt,” and a loss to Gray Maynard in a title elimination bout, in a span of six years Florian has come up short in every attempt to put his hands on the title or fight for it.


And let’s make clear, it is not us accusing Kenny of choking.  After the loss to Gray Maynard, UFC president Dana White commented “Kenny choked.”  And it very well seems the case for a man that will ridicule and submit anyone in he cage, unless it’s a title fight.


Kenny now has to face that heavy, six year baggage and then, the Jose Aldo.  A man often compared to Anderson Silva and who has taken first the WEC and now the UFC featherweight division hostage.


With 20 career wins, 12 of those wins by way of KO or TKO, there seems to be no end to Aldo’s regime in the division, although Kenny Florian is certain of exactly the opposite.


This could very well be the last shot Florian gets at a UFC belt.  Will the famous saying “third time is the charm” become true?


What do you think? Will Kenny defeat the monster of the title fight choke?  Will Aldo just plow through him like he has done almost every fighter in the featherweight division?


Will Florian be remembered as the Karl Malone of MMA?


Whatever happens in this fight, Kenny Florian will remain one of our favorite warriors inside and outside of the UFC Octagon, and from all our friends and MMA fans inPuerto Ricoand The MMA Truth, we wish him nothing but the best in life and in his career.


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