April 2, 2008, UFC Fight Night: Florian vs. Lauzon inBroomfield,Colorado.  Gray Maynard faces Frankie Edgar for the first time.  Maynard wrestled his way to a decision victory.


Fast forward to January 1, 2011.  UFC New Year’s event, UFC 125.  The scenery for these two lightweights has changed a bit.  Frankie Edgar comes from defeating former UFC lightweight demi god BJ Penn in two consecutive fights.



Maynard, riding on a eight fight winning streak over a good portion of the best top 15 lightweights in the company, including a victory over the man who has the title at the moment, Frankie Edgar.


The only man who has beaten the champion about to fight him again, but now it is for the gold.  Forward again to another 25 grueling minutes and the score is basically identical.


Edgar is still the champ, Maynard is still the only man to have ever defeated the champ, score is still one fight up for Maynard, with the exception that now there is a draw tainting their records.


Fast forward one more time to October 2011.  UFC 136 Brings us Edgar Vs. Maynard III, and a lot of people seem to think the score will finally be settled but, what if Edgar wins?


If you have seen the UFC 136 Countdown shows you can tell how this fight has turned personal for both warriors.  Frankie Edgar goes as far as saying “I am tired of thinking about him.”


Maynard carries around the burden of having to watch that same man that he has already defeated still being announced as the champion, and replaying the draw in his mind.


But again I ask, what if Edgar wins?  Yes, I know, he retains his title and the division goes about it’s business.  I doubt Dana White would halt everyone that’s filing their nails and teeth in contention to the lightweight title just to let those two finally settle who goes ahead on their count.


With a win by Edgar the score will remain 1-1 a piece and then the draw, will these two fighters settle for a tie and not dispute really who is the best? 


How will that affect Edgar’s credibility as a champion knowing there is a man that’s beaten him before and that is tied at one win a piece with him?


Of course, a very convincing win over Maynard would probably dismiss that theory.  Maynard defeated Edgar by takedowns and sheer wrestling, losing to Edgar in spectacular fashion, although it would still be a 1-1 record between them, would give the champion the edge.


What do you think?  What’s your prediction?  Please leave a comment and thanks for reading.

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