Oh the Internet Troll.  It is no secret that the keyboard trolls are one of the most despicable entities in all of the MMA Blogosphere.  Minions to no one, the trolls will pour their hating opinions on every social media and blog there is.



The safety that the privacy of Internet communications offers them is the source and nature of there relentless attacks on every moving thing there is in the MMA industry.  They will hate on anything and anyone, and many times, they will event hate on both sides of an argument, just for the sake of hating and trolling.


UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage is among us and the main event is not safe from this Internet phenomenon but, I have to admit, I am impressed by how fans are reacting towards the UFC lightweight champion, Jon “Bones” Jones.


In a recent video published by UFC as a preview to UFC 135, Jones talks about his mindset as part of an exclusive interview for this event.  The reactions from fans to the interview posted many questions.


Why are people hating so much on Jones?  Is he coming across a bit arrogant? Has the light heavyweight belt blown some smoke up to his head?


From the comments posted on the interview video on our YouTube channel, one would have to think that fans are not really digging the champ’s new attitude too much.


“A lot of athletes that made a mark while after they’re gone were known to be slightly arrogant.  And if that’s me, I’m not necessarily ashamed of it,” says Jones in his pre-fight interview.


That statement could be the stem of fans’ discomfort with the champion.  A lot of people will agree with him on that, but they just think he is jumping to the “slightly arrogant” far too son before making his mark as an athlete.


Remember the “Anderson Silva money” situation with Lyoto Machida?  Actually, Lyoto Machida’s management because to this day I just don’t think that was Lyoto’s idea. Dana White commented that when Lyoto Machida did the things Anderson Silva had done in MMA he could earn “Anderson Silva money.”


That might be exactly the case for the champion, he should be working on making his mark first, then get “slightly arrogant.”  


Nevertheless, Jon “Bones” Jones is the breakout fighter this year and we just hope he continues to back up his talk, no one needs another Chael Sonnen and his favorite dance step—talk, talk, talk, and choke.


At UFC 135 the light heavyweight champ faces his toughest challenge yet in the hands of Quinton “Rampage”Jackson.  Our prediction on paper is that Jones should manhandle Rampage at will, I just have the gutsy feeling that something big will happen?


Will Rampage be able to at least rock the champ?  Will be end in controversy? Are people simply hating on Jones or is it just another attack by the Troll community?  Do you think Rampage takes this one in spectacular fashion?  Please leave a comment and thank you for reading.


Remember UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage prelims start at 6 p.m. ET, 3 p.m. PT.  Also, Spike TV prelims air at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT.  Can’t watch it?  Follow us on Twitter for updates and results and you can also log on to our Live Chat/Blog.


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