Do you remember those days in school when the popular kid was just about to face the school bully in a playground fight?  Some wanted the popular kid to beat up the bully for being a bully, some others wanted the bully to beat up the popular kid because, well, a lot of them were just jealous of the popular kid, or simply, the popular kid had taken their girl.


But they all had one thing in common—they were all eager to watch them fight.


UFC 132 brings us exactly that—although I don’t think anyone would think of these two warriors as bullies—Urijah Faber finally gets his crack at the UFC Bantamweight belt when he faces Dominick Cruz this next Saturday in Las Vegas.


I am sure there isn’t a single MMA fan out there that doesn’t want to watch this fight. 


Since loosing his WEC Featherweight belt at the hands of Mike Brown at WEC 36, losing the rematch to Brown, and a loss to Jose Aldo (again for the division title), Urijah Christopher Faber—because now my friend Rafa “El Alcalde” from is calling all fighters by their complete names—entered the UFC with a 3-3 record in his previous six fights.


Arguably one of the most polarizing figures in MMA, Faber’s first challenge inside the UFC—besides having dropped down to 135—was the always dangerous, Eddie Wineland.


In only his second bout at 135 pounds, Faber enters his third title fight in almost three years against a fighter that, although he already defeated once, has shown leaps and bounds of improvement, is running on a 8-0 winning streak since losing to Faber, and simply is considered the most difficult fighter in the division.


Dominick Rojelio Cruz—what’s up Rafa—enters the Octagon this time to face his omen, the only man to have defeated him ever.


One would think that the loss to Faber should weigh a lot on Dominick’s mind going into this fight, but as he told, he only thinks about it when the media asks him, and he has put that behind him.


In other people’s opinion, the amazing evolutions of Cruz’s game and the slim chance of him getting caught in another guillotine like he did on the first fight against Faber, should also weigh a lot on Faber’s mind.


So, who has the psychological edge?  Who has momentum on his side entering this fight? Who are you picking to come out of the Octagon as UFC Bantamweight Champion?


Those are hard questions to answer, right?  Then let’s break it down by numbers and logic.


The momentum definitely goes to Cruz because of the 8-0 winning streak and his multiple title defenses.


The psychological edge I would give to Faber for being the only man to have ever defeated Cruz.


The technical advantage would have to go to Faber also.  Urijah Faber is not only a tremendous wrestler, but his ground and submission game is top notch and his striking has improved greatly.


Cruz’s impossibly unorthodox style scores him some points also when weighing these options.


My predictions, if the fight goes the distance, Dominick Cruz wins via unanimous decision, if it ends before that, Urijah Faber will have won, probably by TKO.


I pick Dominick Cruz to win, but I have to confess, it is one of the hardest choices I’ve made in any UFC card.


To both fighters, good luck and may the best man win.


Thank you for reading.


Originally posted at The MMA Truth.

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