Ever so often in MMA, a fighter comes along—be it male or female—and makes you say “this kid has a lot of potential.”  In times when the MMA sands are shifting—legends of the sport are retiring (or being retired), others are too stubborn to call it quits and walk down the street with a five fights losing streak—to see these young fighters arise and become fan favorites is really refreshing.

 And that my MMA friends, is the case with one Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson.

Johnson, a wrestler fighting out of Kirkland, Washington, has the most wins by way of submission with two ko’s and another two wins by decision.  His only loss—a unanimous decision loss to Brad Pickett—came as an upset debut in the WEC on April, 2010, at the WEC Aldo vs. Faber card.

Since then, ‘Mighty Mouse’ has three straight wins under his belt, including a submission win over Damacio Page and a winning UFC debut against Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto, a knockout artist who was being promoted as the next big Japanese threat for the bantamweight division in the UFC.

Johnson’s wrestling proved to be too much for the highly publicized, Japanese southpaw.

But earning a win inside the UFC means only one thing, you move up to bigger, stronger, and more dangerous competition, and in Johnson’s case, that reality comes at him ten fold in his next fight against former WEC bantamweight champ, Miguel Angel Torres.

Without a doubt, this is the biggest fight in Johnson’s career so far and a win here could really catapult him up the division ranks.

The MMA Truth caught up with ‘Mighty Mouse’ for a very quick conversation, just days before his fight against Torres, let’s see what he had to say…


The MMA Truth’s Angel R. Cordero: First of all DJ, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. How has training camp been for this fight and how's the weight going?

‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson: Training camp went very well for this fight.  It was a nice, long ten weeks I believe, very long and we are very excited about this fight.  The weight is going good.


You are on a three fight win streak, you have only lost one fight, and you are facing not only a MMA veteran and standout, but a former champion also.  Please give me your thoughts on your opponent, Miguel Torres, and how did you react when you heard you were facing him?

I think Miguel Torres is an awesome fighter and its a real honor to fight him. I’m just happy the UFC gave me the chance to fight him.

When the UFC gave me the call to fight Torres, I was all over it.  I always want to fight the best guys in the world and I believe Miguel is one of the best guys in the UFC.


This is a question I asked all the fighters I interview, if you could pick a fight—if they let you pick an opponent—who would you choose? In or out of the UFC.

In the UFC it’s not my job to pick my matches.  I let them do that and if it was outside the cage it would have to be some of the dads off of teen movie in the MTV series.  I don’t like how those guys treat there girlfriends and kids.


Could you give us a quick prediction on the main event, Rampage vs. Hamill, and co-main event, Mir vs. Nelson?

For the main event, I’m going with Rampage.  I like him, he is one of my favorite fighters.  I like Hamill too, he is a really tough and gifted fighter.

On the co-main I got ‘Big Country’ because I like him, he is a down to earth guy and he isn't cocky. (laughs)


Well DJ, again thanks for taking the time to talk to us, I know it is rather difficult while being in the middle of all the pre-fight activities.  We hope to have you visiting Puerto Rico some time soon!  We are very much looking forward to your fight.

Anything you want to say to all The MMA Truth fans and MMA fans all over?

Thank you man, for doing the interview.  I hope all you guys enjoy the show on Saturday.

Want to give shout out to my gym AMC, my coaches Drad Kertson, Trevor Jackson, Steve Skidds, Matt Hume, and Drew Brokenshire.

Huge thanks to XBOX 360, we got a awesome partnership going on. Big thanks to Raininer Crossfit.


We at The MMA Truth wish ‘Mighty Mouse’ the best of the best, not only in the cage, but in life too.

Don’t forget Johnson vs. Torres will air LIVE on Spike this Saturday at 8pm ET.

For more info on fight card and times visit www.ufc.com

Thanks for reading.


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