At the Wand Fight Team, there are no egos, its one big family of fighters helping fighters – Jason Reinhardt

As I sat in class today, my cell phone began vibrating. I ran into the hallway to answer, only to find UFC Fighter Jason Reinhardt on the other line.

My initial plan was to interview Jason on his upcoming fight. It turned out that my writing is not as fast as Jason’s talking so I began jotting notes.

I asked Jason how his training has been at the Wand Fight Team. He explained to me that he started his training with Pat Miletich at the Miletich Fighting Systems. After Pat had closed up shop after 11 years, he made to move to Wandy’s gym. He said the move couldn’t have been better.

Jason’s story is one of triumph. In 2001, he competed in a championship fight, only to have his neck broken. The true fighter he is, he still won the bout. Doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to compete again let alone lift 20 pounds above his head.

Jason’s dad took him out to San Francisco to have surgery done on his neck. Rehabilitation was successful and Jason stands before you a member of the UFC Roster. Jason steps in the cage next weekend against Zhang Tie Quan a former fighter on the WEC Roster.

For this fight he has been training with Jeff Joslin and Spencer Fisher. You can see Jeff at

Jason stated that his most memorable fight was actually in Canada. It was in Calgary to be exact; at the Calgary Stampede Arena where greats like Joe Lewis have fought before him. It was at King Of The cage and he said he will never forget it.

I asked Jason his mind set for this fight; his reply was “I’m fighting to the death.” He has spent some time away from his family preparing for this matchup. Anyone who trains knows that it can be dreadful at times, especially away from your family.

Sometimes we need a confidence booster to keep going. Jason received the most inspiring words he could receive from none other than his little girl.

She said “it’s all gonna be worth it daddy!”

There are fighters and there are people who fight. Jason Reinhardt is a fighter.



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