As a huge fan of Forrest Griffin, my excitement about his upcoming fight is unruly. Forrest always steps into the Octagon to fight to the death. Excluding his fight against Anderson Silva where he was made out to be a complete joke.



Tito Ortiz thought it would be funny to have a t-shirt that said Run Forrest Run for their rematch because of what Forrest did after the Silva fight; running from the cage. I don’t see Griffin running from the cage after this fight. Although Franklin is much faster, Griffin withholds the skills necessary to beat him.


Franklin likes to stand and bang as does Griffin. Franklin has KO power and Griffin doesn’t. The thing is that Griffin has taken huge punches from the best of them and not been KO’d from them. Rampage Jackson has heavy hands and Griffin took his punches and kept going.


Both fighters have fought the best fighters in the world on numerous occasions and come out victorious. I expect this fight to go the distance because both fighters are too legit to quit. The only reason this fight won’t go the distance is if one man breaks the others will. Neither man will quit; this I’m sure of. The UFC doesn’t have fighters that are quitters. Those that do quit are cut, and for good reason.


Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin will be Fight of the Night, which I am sure of. These men are two of the top fan favorites of the UFC. These guys are the type of fighters who will be smiling the whole way through the fight, right up to the judges’ call, and even after that. This isn’t a fight for the belt, or even a fight for top contendership because these guys are already there. This is a fight for the fans and the fans only



This will be one of the most exciting fights we have seen in the UFC for a while now. UFC 126 for that matter will be one of the most exciting cards. Expect fireworks for the full 15 minutes with these guys and nothing else. Also, expect Forrest to stick around after the bell rings and give Rich a high five for good measure.



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