With Chael Sonnen being ready and able to go, I ask myself, what’s next? I personally prefer him on the sidelines and out of the picture, but as a mma fan I know that’s not going to happen.


Chael has been sentenced to 2 years’ probation and hit with a $10,000 fine. To me, that is most likely peanuts from his bank account and he will walk around a free man. So basically Chael Sonnen got a freebie. What’s 2 years of probation when all you’re going to be doing is training and fighting.


After reading about Chael’s remarks on MMAFighting.com with Ariel Helwani stating that the UFCs worst guy is Wanderlei Silva, it leads me to believe that a Wanderlei/Sonnen match could be on the horizon. Yes, Wanderlei will fight Leben and yes Sonnen will most likely fight Bisping. This will take up some of their time in training and allow them a “warm-up” before the match takes place.


Wanderlei has agreed to fight Belfort but with enough trash talk from Sonnen; the fight will happen. Dating back awhile, Sonnen made remarks about Brazil and the Nogueira brothers. This led Wanderlei to say something along the lines of “in Brazil we have a saying, you give respect and you keep your teeth.” 


There is a video of this online, if you watch it you can see that Sonnen wasn’t so tough when Wanderlei was in his face but when he is behind the computer or Wanderlei is nowhere in sight; Sonnen flips the switch on his robotic “*******” button and starts his usual rants about how he’s the greatest and his opponents a bum.


I have news for Chael Sonnen. Wanderlei Silva is no bum. He may have been off for a little while but by saying things about his homeland and his people and himself included, you are feeding a fire that’s going to be hard to put out. Wanderlei is one of the greatest fighters of all time.


 “Lay and Pray” may be the only option Sonnen has to defeat “The Axe Murderer.” I know for sure that one thing he’s going to be doing is when he steps in the cage with Wanderlei is praying that he never opened his mouth



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