The following letter is in response to Rashad Evans’ recent comments to fellow UFC fighter and Penn State alumnus, Phil Davis. What was said?

“I guarantee you gonna be the first one to take a shot, cause I’m gonna put those hands on you worse than that dude did to them other kids at Penn State.”


Watch the video on YouTube here.


Dear Rashad,

You went to University, right? I was thinking Buffalo because of a statement that you had made when I interviewed you last year at Raging Wolf, but your Wikipedia page says that you went to Niagara County Community College in Niagara Falls, NY.

Either way...I’m curious to would you feel if one of the coaches at your College, a national coaching hero and creator of one of the biggest and best charities for helping disadvantaged and “at-risk” youth (with over 100,000 kids having gone through and been helped by the organization via the entire community since 1977) was suddenly accused of child molestation? Would you hope that others would make light of it?

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How would that make you feel, knowing that a coach at your College was being accused of one of the most evil and heinous crimes that a human being is actually capable of? For would it make you feel? As a father of three children, what would your reaction be if it was one of your own kids that had been taken advantage of by such a powerful public figure?  

Would you feel nothing from it? Would you be completely numb to the fact that something like this not only has a tremendous effect of the alleged victims of the crime, but on the entire community ( as well?

Now, I know that Jerry Sandusky wasn’t a direct coach of Penn State wrestler, Phil Davis, but can you imagine the effect on the entire community that something like this would have? These recent events are nothing short of an unspeakable embarrassment. But again, do you care?

Your comment didn’t just cut Davis (and yes it did, despite his good natured ability to laugh it off because that’s what genuinely nice people do—completely different from Dana White’s laughing reaction by the way, who clearly thought you were being funny), but it managed to cut down everyone else that has somehow been affected by this historic tragedy. And yes, that’s a LOT of people. And yes, you just spit in their faces.

And all for the sake of “hyping a fight.” What a load of crap.

Empathy can be a wonderful thing, Rashad. I strongly suggest that you give it a try before you totally lose sight of who you once were. Assuming of course that you haven’t always been a total, arrogant prick.

Best of luck in your fight against Davis. If the mindset of a warrior means anything, you’re gonna need it.

James Ryan aka 'The Sportstender'