“If the average I.Q. is 100 and that of downs syndrome is 75, then it means 25% of the population are dumb as a stick, 12.5% are somewhere between dumb and average, and 12% are mentally challenged, 12% are slightly above average, with the last 12% being smart enough to know anything, so, the chances of meeting anyone with a working brain is slim indeed.”—Karl Marx

Immediately following Brock Lesnar’s unproductive loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141, which subsequently pushed Lesnar into retirement during his post-fight interview, WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho was quoted (via Twitter) as saying, “Lesnar just took a dive.”

It seems like nowadays, everything that ends with the slightest bit of controversy has the stigma of a “conspiracy” attached to it—and rightfully so.

I mean...it’s not just paranoia that conjures up these thoughts. How about the fact that, We, as consumers (thank you commercialism, capitalism, materialism, almost anything that ends in an “ism”), have been lied to, taken advantage of, and marketed to, in very unethical and dishonest ways (think late night infomercials), and maybe, just maybe, we’re all starting to get wise to the massive deceptions that occur in our everyday lives, thanks to the media and the Government that “regulates” them.

[Hold on a second, I’ll be right back! I have to go buy something that I don’t need, with money that I don’t have, in order to impress people who don’t give a crap!]

“Happy New Years Everyone! Most people think that making money and gathering material goods is a sign of a successful life, but it's not that at all. Your life, here for a brief period in time, is not measured by what you own, but rather, by what you have learned while here, and what you did with that knowledge. A prime example is the constant mind control we are subjected to every minute of the day by those in power in order to enslave and control us, because it can only be effective if we don't understand how it works, yet very few have a clue and are too complacent to be concerned, so we have a society of mindless puppets jumping to the pull of the strings, while a few of us who use our brain look at them in amazement and think, ‘WTF is wrong with these people?’”—Dr. John Williams, Owner of Canadian Extreme Cage Rage Promotions

The term “Conspiracy Theory” gets thrown around a lot these days, usually by those who would see fit to discredit accusers as total whack-jobs (labels that will always exist for that sole purpose of raising doubt in the minds of those who would dare to question the status quo), but these theories are always based on the notion that complex plots are put into motion by powerful hidden forces aimed at the sole purpose of taking (stealing) money from “the people.”

VIDEO: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Agree or disagree...this happens a lot more than anyone is willing to admit or even knows is happening.

Take UFC President Dana White for example. As a Promoter, his only real responsibility is to hype his fighters and endorse his brand (that’s his job), and to discredit any fighters who are not currently employed under the UFC banner.

VIDEO: Dana White: Overeem Isn’t a Top 10 MMA Fighter (Start watching at 3:38 of the video)

Love him or hate him, Dana White is incredibly biased, and as such, he is a liar. I say this not because I want you to hate the man, but because I want you to recognize that Mr. White is a man who is capable of saying and doing anything (and he does), so long as the end result is that it puts money in his pocket. The idea that “conspiracies” are a part of the regular business practices that go on behind the scenes at the UFC, are not totally out of the question. After all, unethical marketing is all about manipulating public perception, and nobody does that better than the UFC.

[Did you just call me a “hater?” #labelalert]

Okay, so now back to Brock Lesnar. In this day and age, I sometimes think that it makes more sense to be a sceptic who requires actual physical proof in order to believe the truth, as opposed to a “person of faith” who trusts everything that they are told by the media. Call me crazy (another fancy label), but I just don’t trust big business. Not when the sole focus of that business is to make as much money as possible, by way of any means necessary.

Article written May 26, 2011: UFC: Helping Local Economies or Robbing Them Blind?

So anyway, all of this Brock Lesnar talk has had me thinking about one immediate question...

A lot of fighters...Tito Ortiz, Dominic Cruz, Big Nog, and countless others (including Will Ribeiro) always show pictures or videos of their surgery scars (or the surgery procedure itself) after they've gone under the knife, right?

VIDEO: Tito Neck Web

Well, this got me wondering...

Has anyone ever actually seen the scar(s) on Brock Lesnar from when he recently had “12 inches of his intestines removed?” Am I the only one who finds it a little bit odd that he's not showing any of his scars to the world (or that he hadn’t lost any of his size and athleticism without the apparent use of PED’s)?

I mean, forget about privacy here. How about a little disclosure?  

When I asked this exact question through social media, a few of the responses that I got back really helped to put things into an interesting perspective:

“I do find it odd having had similar experiences. He would have had a colostomy bag twice, and he has no scars from that. It would be visible when he is in his fight gear.”—David S., Retired War Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient

“Good Point! Those wonderful fighters you named are full of scars, and yet, they keep going and show you their battle wounds. Brock could you help us out here? And please keep in mind that some of us have always been in the medical field, so don't try any scams.”—Shelly M., Nurse and Psychology Student

“Something is up. Personally, I don’t think Lesnar can handle it. He’s realizing with these higher ranked fighters, unlike Heath Herring, and those he fought coming into the UFC—and throw the Randy Couture fight out the window on his record because Randy was fighting at 205 for the longest time with Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, then retires, comes out of retirement, fights Tim Sylvia for the belt, beats him, then fights Lesnar. Sorry, but that was a set-up fight (no offence to Randy. I freakin’ love him), but now Lesnar is fighting stronger, better fighters, and can’t hang, so he’s getting out while the gettin’s good. He made his money. The possibility of “threat” might also be part of it. Dana White probably isn’t making as much money off him now since his days of coming over from the WWE. Plus, he’s losing. Lesnar isn’t retiring. Dana canned his chump ass.”—Gary H., Instructor at Eternal Fight Gym

So, wait a second. You’re saying that ”retirement” was really just Lesnar’s way of saving face from the fact that he was probably going to be “let go” anyway?

And that maybe all along, the “sickness” was just a convenient way to buy him some more time to train and improve his skillset (because let’s face it—as a technical fighter, he was really terrible), which in the end, he obviously didn't or couldn't do?

“DING! DING! DING! Wink, tell the man what he’s won!”

So then, I have to also wonder, did Lesnar actually throw his last fight against Overeem just like Jericho had suggested?

Probably—but only as soon as he realized that he was in over his head (a territory that Lesnar is all too familiar with when it comes to actual fighting), which would have been immediately after he realized that there was just no way on Earth that he was ever going to be able to bring the fight down to the ground.

Article written October 27, 2010: Brock Lesnar: The Sad Truth Behind His Cowardly Instincts

As far as Dana White and the UFC are concerned, Brock Lesnar served his ultimate purpose. He doubled the company’s fanbase and brought the UFC into mainstream (almost) status. For that, Lesnar will be rewarded, and one day, he will be proudly inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. And if you don’t think so, just consider this...

The UFC Hall of Fame is a complete joke.

That’s a tough statement to make without sounding like I’m disparaging any of the current inductees, which I’m not trying to do, but the fact that a “company” has the only and final say in whoever gets inducted, is a ridiculous farce indeed. There are a lot of great, former UFC fighters out there who will never be inducted because they are not a part of the UFC’s Ultimate Popularity Contest (aka kissing Dana’s ass). And Lesnar is clearly at the top of that list.

Cripes...they should just change the name to “Employee of the Month” because that’s precisely what it is.

“Hall of Fame” just sounds too legitimate, which it most definitely is not.

And should Lesnar miraculously show his scars after this article comes out, please remember that my own brother, Tom Ryan, can produce a scar better than anyone, so be careful about what you believe.

As it turns out, seeing isn’t always grounds for believing either.



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