The MMA Truth is BACK after being radio silent for most of 2013 and before we go one we want to thank all the MMA fans out there who have supported us in our first 3 years of existence.  We have a long road ahead and big changes will come in 2014.  We wish all of you and your families an amazing 2014 full of success and amazing health to enjoy it!  Now, on to the sticky business of fight predictions as we break down the last three fights of the night.


Chris Weidman Vs. Anderson Silva
We go back in time a bit to July 6, UFC 162.  Chris Weidman was being appointed by a lot of MMA faces to be the one to dethrone Anderson Silva.  A bit over one round into the fight and a lot of clowning by the then undisputed middle weight champ, it was all over.  Weidman caught Silva with a left hook right in the middle of one of Silva’s impersonation of a mad cow, and after a few more shots to make sure, the Spider’s reign was over. 


I have to confess, I stuffed my beak sentencing a lot of MMA media and personalities back to MMA kindergarten for picking against Silva on the first fight.  Not that Weidman didn’t have the tools to win, but because betting against Silva wasn’t a safe bet at that point in time after he had proven to be the very best and in a whole other league.  Needless to say, I had to chug down every single word I said.


Taking no merits from the now 185 champ, and not necessarily blaming Silva for losing the fight over his own antics back-firing in his face, it might’ve been a good thing that this happened.  Maybe Wiedman is the Matt Serra to Silva’s GSP.  Remember how GSP got even more dominant after losing to Serra?  Could you imagine a more dominant Anderson Silva than what he’s already been?


I will, once more, be bold and predict!  Everyone picking against Silva will need to go back to MMA kindergarten.  Will we have to suffer Silva’s antics inside the Octagon this time? I think yes, for a little bit.  But, will Silva come in a lot more aggressive?  Yes, and in a way we are yet to see.  Will Anderson Silva defeat Chris Weidman and reclaim the UFC middleweight belt?  Yes!  How?  Second round TKO.  Remember UFC 148, how Silva reacted in the prefight conference call saying he was going to break Chael Sonnen’s face, and how Silva shoulder-checked Chael right in the jaw at the weigh ins?  Well, let me tell you something… Chris Weidman did something far worse than talking trash for a fight, insulting Silva in every way possible and talking about Brazil.  Chris Weidman put a hurt on Silva no one had ever put on him, and then ran away with the belt!  Now, off to the co-main event!


Rounda Rousey Vs. Miesha Tate
Ok, I know, a lot of people can’t wait for these two to duke it out again and take a bit of a rest from all the Ronda-Miesha talk.  That having been said, if you are not excited for this fight, please, do not continue to read this piece and check yourself off from any MMA related conversations.  The only reason the main event is drawing as much attention as this fight is because Silva was presumed invincible and Weidman put him to sleep.  Had Weidman won a decision over Silva, or Silva oozed another comeback win like UFC 117, there was no way Rousey-Tate would share even the slightest hint of spotlight.


Take it all the way back to the Strikeforce Rousey Vs. Tate weigh ins, and the best rivalry in WMMA (until Cyborg is finally signed and appointed to fight Ronda) was born.  Fast forward to the end of the eighteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter, and we have now the bitterest, most heated grudge match in MMA, ever!


It’s hard for a lot of people to concede Tate the win after she was destroyed by Cat Zingano, and bested by Ronda in the first fight with an armbar that cost Tate some time out and rehab.  The truth is, Miesha does have the tools to beat Ronda, if she doesn’t go for an outside leg trip or any other takedown attempt against a world class Judo player.  Miesha’s key to victory is slipping, sliding, avoinding the clinch, and keeping the distance with combinatios.  Far easier said than done, and if you ask Edmond Tarverdyan, Rousey’s trainer, Miesha doesn’t have that good of a striking ability.


Prediction, Rousey is able to close the distance and once the fight goes to the ground, it’s Ronda’s fight.  Now, don’t sleep on Miesha!  Funny fact, I’ve heard many fans say they wish both kick the crap out of each other and maul each other’s faces for five rounds.  Maybe they are Rousey-Tate overdosed.  Now, let’s go on to the big boys in the card.


Josh Barnett Vs. Travis Browne
Is it hard for you to decide which fighter to pick for this one?  It is to me.  Both some of my favorite heavyweights, and undoubtedly, top competition in this division.  Barnett, finally in the UFC, has been able to shake off the memories of a Daniel Cormier kicking the living crap out of him in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix with a win in the last Strikeforce event and a win over Frank Mir in his first fight back in the UFC. 


Travis Browne, fresh off a comeback win over Alistair Overeem and knocking out Gabriel Gonzaga.  Is it even necessary to pick a side here?  Can’t we just sit and watch this one, cheer, screem, and enjoy the fight?  Oh well!  I say, Browne!  Why?  Travis hasn’t really been dominated yet, except for those first couple of minutes against Overeem.  His only lost at the hands of Big Foot Silva can be blamed on a knee injury suffered in mid fight, for as Barnett was completely shut out by Cormier.  I wish I didn’t have to pick a side though!
UFC 168 brings the last set of fights in 2013.  Please joins us on Facebook for the last event of the year, share your comments and opinions, and hang out with us for the last time this year.  We wish all of you an amazing new year. 


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