One of the first fights I ever witnessed was Wanderlei Silva stomping on someone. In short; I was hooked. I rank Wanderlei Silva as my second favorite fighter next to Forrest Griffin. Wanderlei just has something about him that pulls fans out of their seats before he even throws the first punch. It's his stare down. The greatest, meanest, most serious look any man could give someone. That look that says its on.


Another reason people love Wanderlei is because he puts a show on regardless of if he wins or loses. He goes out there and swings for the fences. The guys a beast. With a record of 33-10-2, he has shown that he has what it takes in the UFC to make the organization money, secure his legacy, and show fans that Brazilian fighters are not what Chael Sonnen has portrayed them as.


From his past in Pride to his days in the UFC, Wanderlei has been a force to be reckoned with. His dominance against opponents is similar to that of a pit bull fighting a squirrel. It seems a bit far fetched but if you have never seen him fight please hold your judgment until doing so. I haven't seen another fighter with his type of aggressiveness except for maybe, his arch enemy, Rampage Jackson.


Both of these men have engaged in wars beyond belief with each other. Each fight ending in similar fashion; KNOCKOUT!!! Wandy holds the upper hand in the trilogy though with a 2-1 victory. Most of Wanderlei's fights end with a knockout. That is why they call him The Axe Murderer. His MMA record is what I like to call: Murder by Numbers.


After his last fight against Michael Bisping, I have been sitting around waiting for his return. He had an injury holding him back and during his recovery time he traveled around spreading the word about MMA being sanctioned in Ontario. He also mentioned that he would love to fight in the first ever UFC event in Toronto. As much as I would love to see him fight Chael Sonnen, I know that is not going to happen because of the suspension.


I have been thinking of potential opponents and one name keeps popping up. The same name that called out Wanderlei after his own fight against Akiyama. Chris Leben, another guy that fights for his life every time he steps into the octagon. This could be a war of punches thrown non stop until somebody drops. The potential for Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night are there.


Another great opponent for his return would be Nate Marquardt. I have been wanting to see this fight for a long time now. Both men need a good fight. Wanderlei with his return could use a big tune up fight ( not saying Nate isn't good because he is) and Nate could use a win over someone with legendary status like Wanderlei. This fight too holds potential for Fight of the Night.


Between these two fights, I think the best choice is probably Chris Leben. I find that he too like to put a show on and doesn't care if he wins or loses. Either way, if Wanderlei fights Chris or Nate. Both fights will be just another win on Wanderlei's record. Just another victim on his Murder by Numbers.


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