MAXXFC XII Moreno vs. Brito is among us.  In what will mark it’s return to capital city San Juan, Maxximo Fighting Championships brings forth a card that promises to give a lot to talk about for the rest of 2011.


The best of the local talent enters the cage not only to show who are the best in town, but also to let the MMA world that in Puerto Rico there’s a plot cooking to take over the sport.


Puerto Rico has been the cradle for many of the greatest exponents in Boxing at world class level and in MMA, we will be ni exception.


The night’s co-main event involves one of the most beloved (and criticized) figures in Puerto Rican MMA, Mike ‘ El Terrible’ Erosa, who makes a temporary pause in his run as MAXXFC’s lightweight champion, takes on Ralph ‘SpyderMonkey’ Acosta in a featherweight match.


Hailing out of one of the most active and successful training camps in MMA today, American Top Team, and a training partner for MMA standouts such as ex-ultimate fighter Ben Saunders and M-1 Global champion Jose Figueroa, Acosta comes into this fight with the intention of demonstrating who really is the best 145er in this company.


Grandson to natives from San Juan and Cayey, Puerto Rico, and born in New York, Acosta feels 100% “Boricua” and is coming to seeze the local fan’s support, even when he knows he is facing a really tough challenge.


The MMA Truth tuvo la oportunidad de conversar con el “SpyderMonkey” y esto fué lo que tuvo que decirnos:


The MMA Truth had the opportunity to talk to ‘SpyderMonkey’ and this is what he had to tell us:


The MMA Truth’s Angel R. Cordero: First of all Ralph, welcome to The MMA Truth, how are you?

I’m doing great man, thanks for the invite!


I understand it is the first time you are coming to fight in Puerto Rico, how excited are you about fighting here in front of friends and family?

I'm filled with emotion, to go back to my native land and compete in front of family is a dream come true.


What do you know or what can you tell me about your opponent Mike Erosa?

Well, I know he's the home town hero, probably has good hands but other than that, I don't worry about my opponent. They should be concerned with me.


Where or how do you think you pose a bigger threat to him?

Well, my takedowns and grappling tend to make strikers very uneasy, just ask the two time Brazilian Muay Thai champion I dominated this past friday on short notice.


Who would you say has been your toughest opponent yet?

Shooto's number 10 ranked guy in the world for instance Masakatsu Ueda, Frank Sharapov, Chris Emanuel to name a few.


You come from one of the most famous training camps in MMA, who are your training partners?

Ben Saunders, Luigi Fioravanti, Din Thomas, Mike Brown, M1-Global’s champ Jose Figueroa among others.


Who's cornering you for this fight?

My world traveling buddy, Bruce ‘The Noose’ Connors.


How has training been for this fight and how is the weight coming along?

Training is on point, I think last Friday's fight proved that.  Considering the size difference, and since I'm fighting up in weight and Erosa definitely isn't as jacked as my last opponent, I'm not worried in the least, just going to do what I do, win!


Mike is without a doubt a huge fan favorite in Puerto Rico, where would you say a victory over him would put you in terms of popularity among the Puerto Rican fans?

Oh, I believe once I handle Erosa, the Puerto Rican fans will see how far the world of MMA extends past there island, and I hope they would be open to cheer for another Rican who is working hard to make our people look good.


How important to you is having the local fans on your side after this fight?

Normally I'm not to concerned with the fans, mostly I am always going against the home favorite, so I kind of thrive on the booing.  But this time since my family will be there, hopefully the people will see that two Puerto Ricans are in the ring instead of an American from the main land. And maybe I'll sway a couple of fans.


To finish... how do you predict this fight will end?

I can't tell you when, but most likely by submission. I'm going to be all over him like a ‘SpyderMonkey’ until he gives something up and makes a mistake, they all do.


Well Ralph, thanks very much for taking time to talk to us, we know you are very busy with training and preparations for this fight.  We wish you the best in your career and in life.


Anything you would like to say to all the fans in Puerto Rico and everyone from The MMA Truth and El

I just want to say thanks you so much for giving me this opportunity to come to my home land and fight. I have the most respect for the Island and our people.


To The MMA  Truth and El Octagono, great job promoting the sport of MMA, keep up the good work, and I'll see everyone April 29! It's ‘SpyderMonkey’ time!


I would also like to send a shoutout to Jason Ellis and ES-Entertainment, American Top Team Orlando- Goon Squad, Ossssss!



We at The MMA Truth, El, and all our sponsors wish the best of the best to Ralph Acosta in his career and in life.


Thank you for reading.


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