Paul Daley is known throughout the MMA world as a knockout artist. What better than to secure that title? A viscous KO over Scott Smith. Paul Daley entered into Strikeforce that night with one thing on his mind and he reached that goal, a KO victory. What a statement for your first fight in Strikeforce!!!!!!! With a 6 fight contract, one can only expect greatness from Daley in Strikeforce. I expect that within 2011 you will see Paul “Semtex” Daley as the new Welterweight champion of Strikeforce.


This is something I also expected was possible of him in the UFC with his KO prowess. Sadly, because of a sucker punch, we didn't get to see that happen. Would Paul Daley have beat GSP? We will never find out, but what we do know is he will beat Noons and Diaz when those fights come, and how do I know this? Strictly from the confidence he speaks with. Paul Daley took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with ACCESS MMA. One question was asked about Koscheck vs GSP but went unanswered. Understandable in my eyes considering he probably wants to leave the UFC as a thing of the past. The interview went as follows.


AMMA: Hi Paul, how have things been?


I'm going to start by asking you how you feel after such a viscous KO over Scott Smith? It's one of the best I have seen as of late.


PD: Things are great, I’m back in training after a week off, getting ready for STRIKEFORCE March card.






AMMA: Are you thinking about staying with Strikeforce for a while or would you consider going back to the UFC since Dana White has been known to go back on what he says?


PD: I have a 6 fight contract with Strikeforce, I have 5 fights left with them.








AMMA: I know you have been asked this before but what did Josh Koscheck say to you that caused you to punch him?


PD: Its irrelevant now.






AMMA: Being an athlete of your stature, how long do you think it's going to take you to retain the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship?


Two more fights and I will be Strikeforce champion.




AMMA: With notable wins over Martin Kampmann and Dustin Hazelett do you feel as if the Strikeforce talent is a step down or a step up in competition?


PD: UFC is an organization, not a level of fight caliber, there are several fighters that whoop the ass of UFC fighters, some on regional shows. The level of competition depends on the fighter, not which organization they are with.





AMMA: Being one of the top strikers in the world, do you feel like Strikeforce should give you a more notable fighter now? Maybe Diaz for the belt after such a fashionable victory?


PD: I hope for Noons then Diaz for the belt.


AMMA: Well, I want to congratulate you on your KO and we at ACCESS MMA wish you the best of luck in your future at Strikeforce.


Adam Clark- ACCESS MMA
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