As we all know, Josh Koscheck is facing GSP next week. If in fact Josh Beats GSP than he will face his friend and training partner Jon Fitch from what has been rumored. My problem with this situation is a few reasons:


1: Will Koscheck pull the stunts on Fitch that he has pulled on previous opponents?



2 fights in a row Koscheck has been "poked in the eye", in my opinion and i'm sure in the opinion of every other person who watched the fight against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, Koscheck was far away from being poked in the eye. Even Joe Rogan mentioned that it was clear that no poke had happened.



Next, he actually poked Rumble in the eye, I mean come on. So Koscheck goes on to win. Next he fights Paul "Semtex" Daley, what happened? Oh yeah Koscheck was "poked in the eye again". I understand Koscheck is a villian in the sport and hes there to sell PPV's but faking these injuries and taking up the time and money of the fans hard earned dollars to watch, this is very appauling to me. I give Koscheck and any fighter who steps in the cage respect, dont get me wrong on that, but when it comes to doing what Koscheck often does it's inevitable that fans would be mad.




2: What will happen if the two fight? 



Fitch has expressed his feeling towards fighting Koscheck after his previous fight that took place before facing Thiago "Pitbull" Alves. Does Jon Fitch know what will happen when he faces Josh? Noone really does. There is a possibility that the two men decide to severe ties and stop training together. Also, there is the chance that both men walk away and nothing comes of it. But as a fan, you have to wonder. I know I have been hard on Koscheck but I am only stating the truth when doing so. He has done some questionable things. I guess whatever it takes to win. Koscheck has put on some killer fights in the past and I have watched him since the very first TUF. I still wonder if his ego can be subdued in order to fight his friend.




3: Who wins between the two? Josh has a great wrestling background winning all 42 of his junior season match ups and has fought 17 times for the UFC. Fitch was also a wrestler and wrestled his way to be the captain of his wrestling squad. I know this fight will be alot of wrestling (obviously) but will someone step up and throw some bombs? Who will it be. If this fight happens I believe Jon Fitch will win by decision. No friend wants to finish his friend.




Anything can happen. This Saturday GSP can have his hand raised and still be crowned the UFC Welterweight Champion. Josh Koscheck can have his hand raised as the new UFC Welterweight Champion. I will just finish this by saying Good Luck to both fighters.


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