What was the key factor that first sparked your interest in MMA?




Thing is, I've always loved fighting ever since I was a kid. I didn't necessarily like the idea of hitting people and all that (until later) but I was always fascinated by martial arts and just how clearly it set someone apart from the rest. The way that every person fought and moved differently even among the same style, it really showed the "Art" aspect and how people could express themselves through combat. I can honestly say that "Fighting" itself has been an interest of mine since before I even knew that it was something I could choose as a profession, meaning even as far back as like 1st Grade. I'm just thankful that Eternal Fight Gym is giving me this opportunity to make use of myself and my rather different way of doing things.



Being an amateur right now, what do you think it will take to go pro?



I've got absolutely no doubt in my mind that going pro isn't going to be difficult. It's going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and working with Eternal Fight Gym to step my game up and elevate to a whole new level. However; despite the difficulty I'm sure will be involved I'm not deterred in the least but welcome it and once I go pro the goals don't stop there. I know with Chris, Tommy, Shaun, G-Funk (Gary), and everyone backing me and believing in my ability I'll go far. Not to mention my own determination and inability to quit.



Growing up were you involved in any martial arts or were you a brawler?



More or less I was just a brawler. Growing up I was too poor to afford any martial arts and I say that without any shame at all. My interest in it shone through on various occasions though, and for maybe three weeks or so one of my aunts (whom I have absolutely no connection with anymore) paid for some Tang Soo Do classes when I was about 12 with her son. I learned really fast, but wasn't really the social happy type. The smile on my face when Friday night sparring came up was something I still remembered. It wasn't anything hardcore, just rules where if you got the opponent to the ground or out of the little circle it was over. For that short time there I kicked a couple of the higher belts out easily which still makes me a bit proud.

I won't go into full detail about that, don't want to bore you folks. Had to stop that when my aunts son apparently lost interest, or some falling out with my aunt so martial arts was out of reach for me again until I was like 17. Then again, that didn't last for more than a month because we lacked funding and were going through a very rough period.

At 20 I went back to that same school, and even without cash or anything the Grandmaster felt I had potential so let me train. I was in there as much as possible even when anyone else wasn't and focused a lot on Muay Thai. After little more than 5 months my family was going through yet another rough time, so I wanted to try and get a part time job to help. The Grandmaster didn't like that it'd cut into my training or whatever, and more or less kicked me from the school. Which is fine, since from an outside viewpoint I could see he was just trying to make me into some sort of copy of himself rather than allow me to grow on my own. For about 7 months after that, I went back to doing dumb shit. Smoking, drinking, getting in street fights, and lots of other trouble. I pretty much untrained everything I ever knew by reverting to that crap and feeling that martial arts was completely out of my reach again. Though, not for a single day was I able to get those thoughts out of my head. It's probably why I got into so many street fights, it was the only way I'd get that "Feel" again.

I ended up moving to Hagerstown, and while drinking with a friend I couldn't help but start talking about martial arts and how I'd love to get back into it. He pointed across the street and said "There's a Kickboxing school right there." which was pretty damn literal. So, with alcohol on my breath I got up walked over by myself and saw a few guys doing stretches. Tommy (Tom "The Hitman" Desmond) was the first guy I talked to, they told me to come back Monday. I did, and showed up pretty much every single day since. At first they tried to kill me, but that's Tommy for you haha. I wouldn't quit, and they said they could see from my movements that I had some basic/natural ability that they could work with. I'm thankful to Eternal Fight Gym more than you know right now.



What are you aspirations in the MMA community?



I want to go everywhere. I want to fight in every single bout I'm allowed to. If it means I can go to Japan, L.A, New York, anywhere at all I would love to go and get as much experience as possible. Holding a belt or two is definitely something I'm looking forward to, but an object is an object and it means nothing if I don't really let it be shown that I'm really in this fight game for the fight itself. The money, being known, and all that other shit are just side effects for me. I truly just love this sport, and I want to learn so much more and hopefully make a big impact on it. I won't say all my ideas how I intend to do that, you'll just have to keep an eye on me.



I understand your first MMA fight was the other day, what was your mindset going into that and what was your feelings on the outcome?



Yeah, it was Nov. 20th 2010 in Virginia at Brawley Fights. Definitely check those guys out for any fighter or viewers who want to see a real good show. Those guys really handle things in a professional manner.

I'll be the first to admit that I went in there with the total wrong mindset. I was relaxed the entire time, and just as I was about to go in I ended up getting all pumped up and thinking about knocking this dude's head off and just overall not sticking to a relaxed (yet solid) and natural fighting style. A lot of folks said I pretty much had the "Stand Up" aspect of it totally dominated, and I felt I could have done better personally if I was more focused. All the lights, all the people, it was a completely new experience for me. My opponent had been training for about 2 years compared to my 5 (With Eternal, since the rest I don't even count considering the short time and how I let myself deteriorate horribly.). There were no excuses though, the guy managed to keep taking me down, couldn't submit me or really hurt me, but he racked up the points in the third round with ground control and my lack of true focus and clear thinking. In the end I lost by decision but Eternal Fight Gym's proud of me. If anything I took the loss harder than anyone, since I was unable to see the good I did in the fight until Shaun "The Reaper" Yancy who also lost by decision that same night (his first cage fight too) gave me a few words. He was smiling, enjoying himself, talking with chicks, while I was sitting at the table wanting to rip everything apart with a pissed off expression. He really showed me that he was the better man of the two of us that night, and pointed out all my good points in the fight that I had completely brushed under the rug. Not for a moment did I consider quitting though, and I'll be fighting again real soon and much better.


What is your average training routine?



At Eternal we're constantly mixing it up whether it's Chris or Tommy running things and even when I'm by myself. Stretching is one of the few constants and one of the most important parts of training, period. I won't go into depth since if you want to know our training routine you should come down and work with us. However; I will say that by the end of the day we're all leaving that place sweating and in pain, sometimes bleeding all over the place. Saying we work hard is an understatement, and my intent to push the envelope even more.



What is your take on the upcoming battle between Canada and America, GSP vs Koscheck?



Dude, my answer here is going to be short and sweet. I want GSP to completely DESTROY Koscheck. Koscheck is a complete douche bag. His skill means nothing to me with that disgusting personality tainting it. GSP is a true martial artist. I believe he'll come out on top, and if he doesn't he'll come back and destroy him any way.


Seems like that's all the questions, just want to give a quick shout out to a few folks. First and foremost Eternal Fight Gym itself, it's like a home to me where I spend most of my time and I even intend to be there on Christmas if I can. Chris Suder, for giving me this opportunity, believing in my ability, seeing my potential, and then allowing me to expand it all. Tom "The Hitman" Desmond for working with me constantly and trying to push me as much as possible. I make it a goal to keep up with him since he's pro and if he isn't done with an exercise I won't drop until he does. Jake "The Snake" Schaper who has helped me make leaps and bounds in my striking. Sometimes I'll try to push a bit more if I can haha, even if it's torture. Shaun "The Reaper" Yancy who we like to call "Gigantor" for all his heal and encouragement. Gary "G-Funk" Heagy for all his massive help with my ground game/jiu jitsu. Bernard "B Hop" Gillebaard or "Old Man Lightning" has given me tips on my kicking that's made them strong as hell but I still have to get to his level one day. Bryan Vance, for the knowledge he shares whenever he shows up. Watch out for Jason Davis, Jay Holbrook, and Geoff Ditlow...You better hang around and keep training and do some damn fights! Thanks to the Coalition guys (Jeremy Carper, Tyler Boswell & others) too for training and sparring with us (Eternal), hope to do it again more often. Thanks to Derek Dombrouski, for setting me up with some basics that even alcohol and sitting on my ass couldn't strip away.

As for non-fight related, my mother and sisters (and one baby brother in Jamaica, Hi Jason!). My long-time friend Terence Cowan, and just everyone. I can't name everyone cause the list would be too big, but I won't let you people down. I've come from nothing and I'll keep getting better since I'm still essentially nothing at the moment. You people will all see me become something much, much more.

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