Recently James Toney called out Bleacher Report. Bleacher Report is a site that publishes my articles and numerous others. I have the utmost respect for this website and the people who run it.

After I heard that Toney called them out, I immediately thought back to his fight with Randy Couture. He ran his mouth to a point where people were saying to themselves “Please, please god, let Randy Couture destroy James Toney in a fashion we have never seen before.”

Luck have it, Randy performed a choke that earned him his Black Belt.

Getting back to what I was saying, I thought back to this fight because of the trash talk. My point is that the trash talk landed him in a situation that made him look like a “jerk.”

Again he has decided to run his mouth but this time against journalists. Has he lost faith in his fighting skills that he feels like it’s necessary to call out people he knows he can beat?

But can he really beat the journalist community? We all stick together, we are a big network and as much as we compete with one another, its friendly competition.

I know that Toney did not make these comments about me, but he made them about the people I associate my name with and to me that is calling us all out. So as a result I write this article to voice my opinion towards Mr. Toney and his “comments.”

Calling out one of the biggest sites on the internet was a bad idea. Publicity is a big thing in the fight game. What happens when you lose the connections that make your “professional” career known throughout the world? You get forgotten.

Now I know some of you might be thinking that James Toney doesn’t need this website I am talking about to promote his career. Truthfully it does. James Toney is getting older and he’s just not relevant anymore.

There comes a time when people’s careers come to an end. I personally and respectfully think that James Toney should have taken the original article written as a message to hang the gloves up. Instead he took it as an insult. Although it sounded like an insult because of the way it was worded, if you read between the lines there is a message saying “Call it quits before it’s too late.”





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