Women’s MMA is coming into its own, with numerous fights every weekend. So many, in fact, it’s not only becoming hard to keep track of them – it’s getting hard to pick and choose which ones (that’s right…plural!) you want to watch!

What a nice problem to have, right?

Then here comes Gina Carano, announcing she’ll return to the cage soon to fight for the first time since her loss to Cris “Cyborg” Santos way back in August of 2009 at the Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva event – that’s almost a 2 year absence.

The question is – who will Strikeforce pick to fight Gina? Not Cris “Cyborg” Santos for sure – Gina needs to work her way back up the ranks first.  

Things Strikeforce will need to consider about Gina:

  • She’s been off making a movie (Haywire by Stephen Soderbergh.)
  • It’s doubtful she’s been training at all during these past 2 years – meaning she’s only getting in about 3 months of training time. That’s ZERO to Cage Fight…in only 3 months!
  • While Gina’s been away – the other female fighters have been playing – HARD!
  • Gina Carano is a fighter only 8 pro-fights: 7 wins and 1 loss (to Cyborg.)

Gina’s specialty is Muay Thai – and while that’s her strength, it’s also her weakness! If she hasn’t been training at all, and only has 3 months to beef up her skills, well, she’s going to have to kick it up a notch, ‘cause Muay Thai alone won’t cut it against much of today’s talent. Things have definitely changed in 2 years, with many MMA fighters becoming true “mixed” martial artists.

I’ve got a few suggestions for Scott White, of Strikeforce – and keep in mind that this is merely a “wish list” of potential opponents for Gina, and it’s done assuming the fight would be matched at 145lbs:


Kelly Kobold Kelly “Blood Red” Kobold 16 – 3 – 1. Why not? She’s also been off, and while she’s had 3 times as many fights as Gina, she got rocked in her last fight against Gina…and hasn’t fought since. I’m sure a grudge match would make good television!



Hook'nShoot EvolutionJulie “Fireball” Kedzie. Kedzie is 16 – 8  – 0 and specializes in BJJ. So you know she’s going to keep trying to get Gina down, and Gina will try to keep the fight standing, all while kneeing and kicking Kedzie. She also suffered a loss to Gina (EliteXC - Destiny in 2007), but it’s been a while, and she’s won quite a few fights since. While she too has a lot more fights under her belt, this would make a good grudge match as well.


Shayna Baszler (black top) vs. Jan FinneyShayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler is 14 – 6 – 0 and specializes in wrestling and BJJ – so again…a complete opposite from Gina. The last time she fought was at the “Battle at the Border 7” back in November of 2010, and she beat Elaina Maxwell with a sweet kneebar submission.  And as we all know, she was submitting people with the twister long before the Korean Zombie folks!


Cat Albert vs. Karina TaylorPerhaps Cat Zingano, who practices BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling and has a record of 5 – 0 – 0 would be a good match? She was the 2010 NAGA Champion, 2008 BJJ World Champion and is set to compete again at the Fight to Win fights o May 14th – meaning a July 2011 match might be perfect timing! And she’s got some very nice submission skills.


Erin Toughill (red gloves) vs. Jan Finney Jan “Cuddles” Finney is 8 – 9 – 0 and is trained primarily in boxing. Cyborg’s last fight was against Finney back at Strikeforce / M-1 Global - Fedor vs. Werdum in June of 2010, so maybe this would make a good match?! Boxer vs. Muay Thai; Gina last fought Cyborg, Cyborg last fought Finney…and they’ve had almost the same number of wins.  Hmmmm…


Erin Toughill (red gloves) vs. Karen Williams Then there's Erin Toughill. At 10 – 3 – 1, Toughill does have a bit more experience than Gina, however, except for her recent loss to Ashley Sanchez via UD this past Saturday at the FCF - Freestyle Cage Fighting 46, Erin hasn’t fought for about 2 years! A boxing specialist, Erin has said this most recent loss has been good, as now she knows what she need to work on in her game to improve.


In an interview with Carano and Tara LaRosa, with Fightchix.com, LaRosa didn’t hold back in her assessment of a potential fight between Carano and Toughill:  “Tara is also tired of the chatter coming from Erin Toughill, saying ‘she is all over the underground saying it is so hard (to cut to 145lbs) you don’t want to see me fight depleted…yeah I do, cause I want to see Gina kick your damn ass…’”

Toughill’s had some difficulties making weight in the past, although in her recent fight against Sanchez, she made weight within .08lbs. She’s also had conflicts with some people in the WMMA community – but is working at overcoming such obstacles.

In response to some trash talking after her fight on Saturday, Toughill commented on a Sherdog.com forum:  “I've made ZERO excuses; I've given complete respect to a fighter that deserved the win & I was happy for a woman who steeped in there & wanted this win. I haven't lost one bit of sleep about this.

If I was consistently fighting & was on point & THEN lost this fight or was beat up badly or KO'd? I think that would put my mind in a different place. Since that wasn't the case, I am OK with it. I will take a couple days off & go right back in the gym. And I knew taking this fight could jeopardize a title fight or my ranking if I lost. I had to start somewhere & I did.

Those who know me & support me & know what it took for me to get to this fight? Those are the ones I care about...the other stuff is just talk. I already have a fight lined up & now I will work my way back up & go from there. Thank you for all input whether it was positive or negative. I am in a great place mentally & look forward to the next phase of my career. Loss happens & some of the best fighters in the world have lost & came back better than ever...and that is what I plan to do xoxo.”

So – I’m thinking this would be a really good fight…if we could do a catch weight at, say, 152lbs. perhaps?  ;-)

Tell me - Who’s picture do YOU want to see on the right?? 

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