I know I previously wrote an article stating that I didn't have a pick for the UFC 125 main event; I have changed my mind. If anyone will win this fight, it will be Frankie Edgar. Frankie came into the UFC and defeated a tough opponent in Tyson Griffin. He went undefeated into April 2008, when he met the man they call The Bully. After a long 15 minutes of battle, Frankie fell short of victory and walked away with the first loss of his career.


After suffering his first loss, Frankie set out on a streak of victories, two of which I feel may set his place in history as one of the best. Frankie fought BJ Penn, the best lightweight on the planet, and one of the best welterweights. The first fight in Abu Dhabi resulted in a major upset for Penn. As a Penn fan, I stuck by him and backed him up 100 percent on the fact that he just didn't have a good night and there were the rumors that he wasn't feeling too good as well.


The second fight, which took place in Boston, resulted in another upset for Penn. This fight was well earned by Frankie Edgar. I guess BJ Penn just can't defend the wrestler (unless you count the wicked knockout over Matt Hughes).


I was watching the post-fight press conference and I heard Dana White say that Frankie Edgar was in the talks of the best p4p fighter in the world. So I asked myself, is it possible he could be one of the best p4p fighters in the world? He is the LW champ and his record is 13-1. My conclusion to this is that I do believe if Frankie Edgar does defend his belt against The Bully, he will solidify his legacy as a top p4p fighter.


UFC 125 is going to be a big night for Frankie. He needs this win more than Gray Maynard. Gray is the only loss on his record. When Frankie defeats Gray, that spot inside of him that was taken away when he was defeated will be filled again. What will he have left to do after he wins? He will be fist-pumpin' all the way back to Jersey. This loss for Maynard may also put him in a bit of a “Situation.”



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