Tourism is Ontario has definitely taken a bit of a beating over the past decade (thanks for nothing, Osama bin Laden!), what with 9/11, SARS, the Avian bird flu, and Justin Bieber—the list for keeping tourists out of Ontario was just getting longer and uglier by the day.

But that all ended this past weekend, when a little company, better known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), put on a spectacular show at the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto, providing one of the most exciting live sporting events that Canadian fight fans have ever seen.

Apparently, even from the nosebleed section...

James: Hey Pat, how did you enjoy the fights at UFC 129?

Pat: James, they were amazing! I was way the f#%k up there...really! Second last row from the back. Talk about nose bleeds! I needed those steps! I must be turning into an old fat bastard!! LMAO Was worth it! Next time, better seats!

James: No problems enjoying the action from up there?

Pat: Nope, none whatsoever. The energy was freeeeeeeaking amazing!

James: Good to know. Sure beats paying $10,000 on eBay for floor seats.

[Sad, but true.]

Aside from putting on a great show this past weekend, the UFC is also predicted to have brought in anywhere in the neighbourhood (spelled the proper Canadian way with the extra “u”) of 30 to 40 million dollars worth of additional revenue into the Province, making Toronto the number one MMA market in the entire world.

Did you hear that New York? The entire world!!!

Yeah...I didn’t think so.

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