Please, by show of hands, tell me how many of you would've loved to see Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks go at it two more rounds last Saturday at the UFC 159 co-main event.  I know I would've.  A fight that was highly overlooked due to Nick Diaz's antics and how morbid people who are entertained by his shenanigans are.


Condit Vs. Hendricks flew under the radar for most of the UFC 159 fight week, but in the end, they stole the thunder back from Diaz and St. Pierre by putting out an incredible show for the fans which earned them Fight of the Night honors.


Not only did Condit and Hendricks take home a combined one hundred grand from the performance bonus, they were brawling for the number one contender spot and the chance to face the winner of GSP vs. Diaz.  In the end, Hendricks bested Condit, St. Pierre took Nick Diaz to school, and now we have GSP vs. Hendricks in the horizon.


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But Condit-Hendricks brought forth a valid point; five round fights should not be limited to championship fights or main events.  Due to the importance of winning a title eliminator bout and the caliber of both Condit and Hendricks, bouts like this should be granted the chance to go a full five rounds.


The world saw how Johny Hendricks dominated the very game Carlos Condit in the first two rounds, but Condit turned around in the third and won the round.  It was clear at the moment that three rounds were not or should not be enough to decide a number one contender status, should not be enough for two fighters of the quality of both Condit and Hendricks to fully express themselves inside the cage.


No doubt that both fighters had to dig dip into their arsenals and bag of tricks, but a five-rounder would've given us a much better sense of what both are really made of.  Who would've broke, who would've won those two rounds?  Would Condit have come out on top if the fight had gone two more rounds?  Would Hendricks have knocked Condit out?


Of course, two more rounds would've not change the fact that those two were the best fight of the night, but I don't you agree we needed two more rounds?


It was only recently that five-rounds non-title fights where installed in UFC, and as the sport of MMA continues to evolve, do you think the next step should be to grant xtra rounds to number one contender bouts?  At this moment we are trying to reach both Condit and Hendricks to get their reactions on whether title eliminator bouts should be five-rounders regardless of their position on the card, so stay tuned for updates.



The MMA Truth communicated with Carlos Condit via his management at  First Round Management and he weighed in on this topic.  Here's what Condit had to say:

"I think only title fights need to be five rounds, though I understand why the UFC has all headline fights as five rounds. Three round fights offer more of an urgency to both fighters.

If you lose that first round, you are already in some serious trouble and need to open yourself up a little more and take more risks.  Fans want to see that level or urgency, and fighters trying to get a title fight need to compete with that urgency."


We are still waiting for a response from Johny Hendricks.


Please share your opinion on the subject in the comment section.  Thanks for reading!


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