In wake of the ruling over Chael Sonnen's “Testosterone” usage or whatever he calls it. We as normal human beings call it shooting steroids up your ass because you knew Silva was too much for you to handle. I can only expect one of the greatest blood bath's to take place now. Sonnen vs. Silva. People say this is a victory for Chael Sonnen because he only has a 6 month suspension now. I call this victory for Wanderlei Silva and the people of BRAZIL.


Chael may have dug himself a deep hole. Deeper than he had planned. He put Brazil and the Nogueira Brothers down. He had mentioned that receiving a Black Belt from them was like receiving a toy in a Happy Meal. I personally didn't know a Happy Meal toy was capable of choking someone out in such a fashionable way.


Chael Sonnen talked a lot about Anderson Silva being overrated and that he had all of these medals that say he couldn’t take Anderson out. He said he would retire Anderson Silva. Well he was wrong and in the process he pissed a lot of people off, including our dear friend Wanderlei.


What will Chael Sonnen do if matchmaker extraordinaire Joe Silva decides that Chaels comeback fight is against our friend Wanderlei. Will his mouth run in the same fashion as it did towards the previous Silva. I don't believe it will. If it does though, you can expect a different and less humble reaction. Think back to Chuck vs Wandy and the big push at the weigh ins. Or him getting in Chucks face inside the Octagon.


I am sitting here writing this thinking of how amazing it would be to see Chael lose by Knockout instead of submission. I know, and you know, Wandy's take down defense is awesome. Chael would never stand a bang with the MadDog from Brazil because he knows when the bombs start bangin'; its game over sooner or later.


Chael is expected to return in six months from a suspension. Wandy is currently rehabilitating his knee and training for his return, hopefully in March is what he said when he visited Ottawa. So right now I am doing the math and Wandy is expected to return in 4 months. Most likely he will fight Chris Leben. This will be a war and a great tune up for a possible June or July war between, yes you guessed it, Chael vs Wandy.


If you disagree with this than you must be a fan of the biggest “you know what” out there. If you agree, than obviously you have the brains of a normal human being who would love to see the disrespectful Sonnen get taught yet another lesson from Brazil. The lesson of “You show respect, and you don't lose your teeth.

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