In a recent interview with my good friend, Eduardo Cruz from Fighter’s Only Magazine, Rousimar Palhares minced no words when it came to the possibility of fighting notorious UFC big mouth, Chael Sonnen, who has become very well-known in the fight circuit for his tasteless insults, particularly when it comes to Brazilian fighters and the entire South American country as a whole.

Currently, Palhares is scheduled to take on Dan Miller at UFC 134: Rio on August 27, 2011 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Palhares has stated however, that he would love the opportunity to eventually fight Chael Sonnen, should he successfully get past Miller in their upcoming bout.

“Look, in today’s world, it is not good for a man to expose himself so much,” said Palhares.  “While Chael Sonnen doesn’t speak on me, it’s alright. If he cites my name then the thing will turn into a different one for his side [laughs]. Now I wouldn’t like to call him out because I already have a bout set, but after winning, who knows? Yes, he is a guy I would like to fight with.”


Between the Lines Analysis:

No doubt, many Brazilian fighters would be foaming at the mouth with the idea of defending their national pride, and sending a clear and painful message to Sonnen all at the same time. This of course has most likely been Sonnen’s plan all along, especially since he has been out of the picture for so long due to a recent steroid suspension. If there’s one way to make yourself relevant again, it’s to find ways that inspire others to want to fight you—and Sonnen is an expert when it comes to pushing the right buttons.

Personally, this is a fight that I would really like to see. In the past, Sonnen has demonstrated what many consider to be terrible submission defense, and Palhares is known as an absolute beast when it comes to the ground game. Watching an experienced, top-level wrestler taking on a powerful and highly dangerous jiu-jitsu practitioner holds a great deal of appeal for many fight fans, both north and south of the equator.

I would have to wonder though; how many UFC fans would actually love to see Palhares execute one of his patented “lengthy” submissions on Sonnen?

If you’re not already familiar with what I am referring to, the best way that I can think of to explain it would be to compare it to when Dan Henderson KO’d Michael Bisping, and then joyfully got that extra shot in on Bisping just for good measure. Sure that extra punch could have instantly ended Bisping’s career, but as far as the fans were concerned, he got exactly what was coming to him as retribution for running his mouth as much as he did leading up to that fight.

Had it been anyone else, the fans would have likely been up in arms over the additional punch to an already unconscious opponent, but since it was Bisping—they weren’t. And again, that’s only because there’s nothing better than watching a pompous, arrogant ass getting what’s coming to him.

Karma baby!

I see Palhares as a very bad match-up for Sonnen, and as such, I really hope that the UFC considers this fight down the road. After all, what’s the point of having a “bad guy” in the organization if he’s not going to get beat up from time to time? Should Palhares hold a heel hook for too long and inadvertently (or intentionally) snap off one of the tendons in Sonnen’s ankle, I don’t think that too many people would complain about it. I know I wouldn’t.

So what do you think fight fans? Is this a fight you would want to see?

And who do you think would actually win?


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