The Ultimate Fighting Championship is at a stand-still with current middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. He is nearing the end of a legendary career and seemingly calling the shots. He, or more accurately his management team, is calling out fighters that he is most willing to fight. The names range from Nick Diaz, Luke Rockhold, George St. Pierre and (most recently) Cung Le.


Silva’s antics have been received with mixed feelings. Some people see it as ducking opponents or ruining the structure of matchmaking. Others don’t see a problem with Anderson Silva’s public opinions. He has done so much in his career that the UFC owes him the opportunity to choose his opponents.


Whichever view you have, it’s not hard to understand where Anderson Silva is coming from. He knows he doesn’t have many fights left and wants to spend his last few fights headlining Pay Per Views against big name fighters. He also wants to cement his legacy as the best pound-for-pound fighter with a super fight.


Chris Weidman is a fighter that Anderson Silva does not want to tussle with. He is a hardly known fighter with the skills that allowed Chael to dominate Silva for four and a half rounds. He has solid standup and great takedowns.


Why should Anderson Silva fight Chris Weidman? Beating Chris Weidman would do more for himself and the UFC than he realizes.


Just look at the middleweight division. Every surging middleweight and possible contender have been recently derailed. Tim Boetsch, Alan Belcher, and Michael Bisping have all lost in the past couple months. Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami have both already been embarrassed by Silva. Luke Rockhold, who is flirting with a fight with Belfort, is too unproven to get an immediate title fight. This leaves the undefeated prospect Chris Weidman as the only middleweight left.


Chris Weidman has accomplished every challenge the UFC put in front of him. He bloodied up Alessio Sakara. He submitted both Jesse Bongfeldt and Tom Lawlor. He defeated Demian Maia on short notice while cutting 32lbs in only ten days. Finally, he destroyed a surging Mark Munos with superior wrestling and striking.


Oh and fun fact! Do you guys know that who made the brutal knockout on the last episode of the Ultimate Fighter? Uriah Hall? Chris Weidman TKO’d him a little over two years ago.


Anderson Silva would accomplish a lot by beating Chris Weidman.

Okay, now here me out. First of all, I believe it is important for Anderson Silva to stay active. The last thing we need is a champion who is holding up a division and possibly contracting “ring rust.” By beating Weidman, he would silence many critics, shut-up a deserving contender, and set himself up for better fights. Besides, if Silva handles Weidman like everyone else he has faced, people will have far less to criticize him for. In a suddenly dismantled middleweight division, it would only leave a super fight for the long-time champion.


More so, fighting on July 4th gives him plenty of time for a super fight afterwards. Jon Jones is scheduled to defend his belt in April. George St. Pierre defends his on March 16. That gives both of them to either wait or take another fight in as while Anderson does his business in July.


The UFC is planning a monster card in New York City in November for the business’ 20th anniversary. I guarantee that they will try to book a super fight with Silva on that card, assuming New York City legalizes MMA by then. If Silva fights in July, he will be prime and ready to headline a Pay Per View in November. GSP or Jon Jones could either wait until November or defend their belt one more time before then.


To sum it up, UFC should book Weidman vs. Silva because it keeps the division progressing and leads up to bigger and better fights for Anderson Silva.


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