Unbeaten in over two years, with three finishes in her last five fights, and winner of the Strikeforce Women’s Welterweight Tournament, Miesha “TakeDown” Tate enters the Strikeforce cage tonight to face “The Golden Girl” Marloes Coenen for the 135 division belt.



A fight that’s been in the making since Coenen defeated Sarah Kaufman in October 2009, the matchup between current champ and number one contender is a lot more than a mere WMMA championship bout.


A lot of people seem to think the very future of WMMA in the big stages is at play tonight when these two “femme fatales” meet inside that cage.


UFC’s top dog Dana White has been heard and seen saying there will never be WMMA inside the UFC, of course, since the acquisition of Strikeforce by Zuffa that posture has change somewhat from it’s original version.  


Now the new philosophy is that there isn’t enough female athletes to create successful divisions and therefore it is not viable to even bother with WMMA inside UFC.


And that my friends, is the reason why this fight has taken such huge notoriety, aside from the fact that two of the most talented, skilled, and beautiful human beings in the world are walking into a cage to either smash each other into unconsciousness or take an opponent’s limb home.


But who’s coming out on top?  That is the question.  Let’s play MMA Analyst for a while and see what we come up with.


A lot of people take the fight between Carmouche and Coenen as a barometer for this upcoming fight.  A lot of people also seem to think Miesha Tate is Liz Carmouche times ten in terms of experience, wrestling base, and submission game.


In my book, that is exactly right.  I think the key lies in Tate’s dominant wrestling and powerful base on the ground.  As another very good submission fighter like Coenen, Tate will be more than aware of Coenen’s attempts from her back from where she is most dangerous.  Actually, if anything, Coenen vs. Carmouche might have served as battle plan guide for Tate as we could say there were some holes exposed in the champion’s game.


It is hard to think neither of them will lose by submission for they have never been submitted in their MMA careers, again, I think Tate’s powerful top-position dominance will play a huge role in this fight.


My prediction is Miesha Tate walks out of the cage being “The New Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.”


For us at The MMA Truth inPuerto Ricoit is nothing more than a moment to rejoice as two of our absolute favorite WMMA fighters meet, so having to pick a side it’s no easy task.  Best wishes for both warriors both in life and inside the cage.


No doubt, regardless of the outcome, it will be an epic fight that will go down in WMMA history as one of the most amazing battles ever presented to the fans.  Let’s just hope it serves all it’s purposes.


And to our friend Dana White, MMA has had enough opposition already, don’t oppose WMMA, help build it, help promote it.  Be the voice as you were once when almost every conservative voice was ganging up on this sport we all love and support.


Thank you for reading.


UPDATE: And so it becomes true, Miesha "TakeDown" Tate is the New Strikeforce Bantamweight Champion.  Congrats Miesha!  From all your friends over at The MMA Truth in Puerto Rico.


Originally posted at The MMA Truth.

Photo Credit: Giankarlo López León - Giankarlo Photo Studio

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