“For all those who oppose WMMA, I just want to say one thing… You are weird.” ~Angel R. Cordero – The MMA Truth

Sometime ago, what once was a dream, was announced as a reality; the world would experience Invicta FC.  The night of April 28 that reality became history, and with it, a thousand stories to tell.


Invicta Fighting Championships sets foot in the MMA world with a bang in their first show and the “Ladies of MMA” set an example of what Mixed Martial Arts competition should be; your heart on your sleeve and only one goal, take the win by any means necessary.


Eleven WMMA bouts that brought some of the most entertaining MMA action of the year, a showcase for what the phrase “training hard” really stands for, and live proof of how off the notion that there is not enough talent in WMMA to put on successful shows is.


Given, there is a ton of space to grow, glitches to nip-tuck, and areas to work on. Go find me something that is free of boo boos the first time out and I’ll show you something filled with gaffs and bloopers.  But the truth is, Invicta’s maiden voyage was a great indicator of how talented these ladies are, how hard the organizers worked, and how lucky we are as WMMA fans to have a show like it.


I’m sure that when Shannon Knapp and Janet Martin set out to cast Invicta FC into the MMA world, they knew they had their hands full, but knew the potential the project had and it paid off.


Claims of how WMMA lacks of enough athletes in each division to successfully build a card are somewhat true, but, what will happen now that WMMA athletes have their own outlet and are being organized into one promotion?  Greatness, that’s all there is to it.


The night of April 28, 2012, is now in the book as the night Invicta FC was born and with it, an incredible theater of war between some of the most respected athletes in WMMA today and some of the most promising prospects in the business.


Seven stoppages in eleven bouts and the fight of the night ends up being a draw.  It’s like they wanted to set all the standards for future shows.  So, let’s break down some of the action and give credit to the warriors that kept over 100,000 viewers on the edge of their seats—or couches—in the first ever Invicta FC show.


Bar Brawl Turned MMA Fight, Turned Fight of the Night

Remember school?  Or hanging out at bars? A chick fight was always an entertaining feature in both scenarios, right? “Cat fight, cat fight, cat fight” they screamed.  But what if the two involved in the scrap were highly trained combat athletes?  Yes, we have ourselves a spectacle.


Well, Kaitlin Young (7-5-1) and Leslie “The Peacemaker” Smith (3-2-1) took care of that when they went toe-to-toe for three rounds in one of the most impressive WMMA fights in the history of the sport.  This fight was not only “Fight of the Night” at Invicta FC 1, this fight is up there in the race for “Fight of the Year” along with Alexis Davis vs. Sarah Kaufman and Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate.


Young and Smith end up battling to a draw but the upside of that is, we are sure we get to see those two duke it out once again.


Stoppage Central

A first round guillotine, an arm bar, a kimura, one tap out to strikes, and three technical knockouts was the final tally of stoppages at Invicta FC 1.  It’s as if they wanted to set the standards for the company stats. 


The athletes competing in this event showed such a high level of well roundedness seldom seen outside UFC, and the results speak for themselves.


The Marloes Coenen School of Clinch and Elbows

“The Golden Girl” Marloes Coenen, out for the first time since losing the Strikeforce bantamweight belt to Miesha Tate, came out and took it to a very game but far less seasoned Romy Ruyssen, whom Coenen had already defeated in 2008 via rear naked choke.


Romy was stripped of a point during the first round for holding the fence, what turned out to be inconsequential because Coenen shut her down from the clinch and with elbows all three rounds.  All judges saw the fight 30-26.


Coenen went on to say “Ronda, I’m coming for you” in the post-fight interview, calling out the new reigning sensation of WMMA, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.


In general, Invicta FC brought forth an amazing night of fights and great production value.  Yes, like I said, there is room to grow.  King Mo Lawal should get some intensive training if he is  to keep a seat as commentator, and the announcer needs a crash course in MMA techniques and submissions so he doesn’t utter the phrase “kimura choke” ever again. 


Invicta FC 2 will be held July 28 in Kansas City, Kansas, and it will feature a bout between Sara McMann and Shayna Baszler in the main event.


To all the Invicta FC warriors that laid it on the line last night to make a case for WMMA, we at The MMA Truth, salute you.  Invicta FC is here!


Invicta FC 1 Results

Cassie Rodish def. Meghan Wright via first round submission - guillotine choke

Ashley Cummins def. Sofia Bagherdai via unanimous decision

Randi Miller def. Mollie Estes via third round TKO

Sarah Maloy def. Michele Gutierrez via unanimous decision

Amy Davis def. Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc via second round submission - modified Kimura

Sarah Schneider def. Sally Krumdiack via first round submission - armbar

Sarah D’Alelio def. Vanessa Mariscal via first round submission  - strikes

Leslie Smith vs. Kaitlin Young - draw

Liz Carmouche def. Ashleigh Curry via first round TKO

Jessica Penne def. Lisa Ellis-Ward via third round TKO

Marloes Coenen def. Romy Ruyssen via unanimous decision


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Photo credits - Esther Lin for Invicta FC


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